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Independent Documentary: Filtering

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Rolkus, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've dabbled in film making before, and have the necessary equipment such as camera, microphones and lighting and I want to do short piece on Filtering. Using the interwebs, like YouTube and Vimeo, I'm relatively sure it would get quite a bit of attention.

    I'm yet to sit down and lay the exact structure of the program, but I am looking to have it running for about 20 minutes.

    Firstly, there will be a disclaimer at the beginning of the video, explaining that each view expressed is that of an individual and do not represent and company, organization or website.

    I plan to produce and get all information from NetRider members and other communities.

    With the sole purpose of this video, to demonstrate, and back up the safety and benefits of filtering, for the general public.

    Right now, I'm after stories, photos and details from members that have been rear ended whilst waiting in a traffic queue, from people in Melbourne, or surrounding areas that will not mind being interviewed on Video. Please note, the bold part of text - I need to be able to interview you, and use the information.

    I'm open for ideas and suggestions, this is still in a very early stage, and still planning the structure of the whole thing. Probably won't start filming until November, and look at doing it over a few weeks, in spare time (after hours & weekends).
  2. all rego on bikes filmed will be edited out ? if they are filmed filtering ?

    I like the idea though

    show some footage from taiwan where at the front of each lane at the traffic lights they have a box for scooters and bikes to filter too

    mordeth13 on youtube has many such examples I am sure he will let you use them
  3. ..ah yes, sorry Rolkus, I've been meaning to call you. Keeps slipping my busy mind.

    FYI, there is some broader interest in your idea from some folks who are trying to progress the filtering case in Victoria.

    You're on the right track though with the information you're seeking.

    As for material, there's the classic US youtube vid of a rider sitting behind a car at the lights when all of a sudden he gets creamed by a lady driver. There should be other rear ender vids too.

    You might be able to take footage of eastern fwy and Hoddle street traffic to show clearly the benefit of filtering for progress, safety, efficiency and environment. It might be light on for bikes at present given that it's winter.
  4. A good idea.
    Might I suggest that you get video feedback from 'normal' road users about filtering as well ? Compare the public's perception to the reality of filtering. I assume your target audience
    is people who are against it or neutral. Showing the both sides, especially the proven positives.

    There are a few stories on here regarding drivers that have acting aggressively to rider lane filtering because of their perception on the subject.
    I'm sure your already planning to use data from other countries where lane filtering is acceptable/legal.
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  6. Happy to help with editing
  7. this one

  8. Tak, yeah, all number plates will be edited out.

    Rob, thanks mate, no need to rush this, want to get it right, so you can either PM me our call me on the number provided in PM.

    Mirkon, great idea asking for the general publics view. I like it.

    Grue, thanks for the offer. If you've any experience, please let me know through PM.
  9. If you'd like some helmet cam footage of me safely filtering to work let me know. Format would be 1080p from a gopro.
  10. Agree with including both points of view. Man-in-the-street interviews can be really useful in showing how ignorant the man-in-the-street can be.
  11. Just dropped you a PM, but yeah I edit for a living, happy to bring some craft to something for a good cause.

    I'd strongly suggest that we get a volunteer (or better yet, several across many cities) to do something along the lines of recording one week of his normal commute without filtering, and one week with. We can then average the times for each, and present some of that data along with relevant footage.

    Definitely get video interviews from several points of view (in terms of opinion, not necessarily video. Though multiple camera for video is nice, too ;) ), and it would be a good idea to have a… panel, for lack of a better word, of people to determine what we want to ask them, and equally important, how we want to ask it.

    We would be exceptionally well served to get some videos like that posted above, and find the owner of the video. Some of the footage is something that should definitely be in a project like this, and having permission to use it is essential, and being able to have some sort of interview with the rider involved would potentially help our cause.
  12. I just realized the above post uses "We" in such a way that makes it sound like I'm trying to take over :rofl: Totally not my intention, of course.
  13. I'd be more than happy to participate in anything you'd like me for.
    Can I suggest that you run a few trials with calculations of how much fuel is used with filtering through peak hour versus not filtering, with calculations for the carbon emissions as well?
    +1 for finding the owner of videos such as the one posted just before.
  14. i'd be happy to demonstrate splitting on any freeway of your choice for comparisson sake.
    i'll even black out my own plate to save you the trouble.
    just if you wanted a little "filtering the wrong way" segment
  15. Brilliant idea. If the data is what we'd expect, maybe we can even get the greenies on board.
  16. I have my moments ;)
    The Greens eh? Not the biggest fan of them but any support from politicians that motorcyclists can get is always a plus.
  17. Thanks for the responses.,

    Solidsk8, I'll definitely hit you up for that footage, probably at a later date, due to this being in the planning stages.

    Grue, you seem to know what's going on, once things get rolling, we could probably sit down and discuss things with Robsalv, and pinpoint exactly everything were going to do.

    Kernel, Carbon Emmisions and fuel are the least concerned items in this project, mores the safety of the rider than anything, and the public perception.

    Footage from safely filtering and lack of filtering will be sought after at a later date.

    I knew I could get this done with members support, but the response has been really fantastic.

    Edit: Posted before Grue and Kernel replied. Interesting points.
  18. Sorry, they don't deal in facts, just emotions. :bolt:
  19. I've got a psych degree and an edit suite. Game on! :rofl:
  20. I think that if we have any data that might shed a good light on filtering, bring attention to the issue and MAYBE get some poly's backing, then it will make filtering safer as people might be less likely to try to stop motorcyclists from filtering.