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Incredible Spada problems!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ELX, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,
    I've got an 89 Spada, bought it last year. It died a week after i bought it (bottom end bearing), i bought a new engine and it died a week after i installed it. Im still not sure what caused it, origionally i thought it was coolant getting into the oil, but i cant see any blown head gaskets or cracked heads, or leaking pump seals at all. So now im a bit confused! The problem with it was that it was running fine, then one ride it started blowing a whole lot of smoke and lost alot of power. I was in 1st pushing for a while, get the idea? But i cant see any metal or anything in the oil, or the sump so i dont think its a main bearing issue or anything. Any idea what it could be? Also, do any spada pro's out there know how to do the camshaft timing on the spada? The manual i have got (downloaded) is terrible and doesen't explain it at all. Thanks very much in advance for any help!

  2. I know you're 600 miles away, but ring Steve Wyers at Caringbah Motorcycles in Sydney www.caringbahmotorcycles.com.au He's an importer and Spada expert, and he may be able to give you some advice, or limit your future (likely, it appears), expense...
  3. Re the terrible manual get the VTR250 one. It has a much better explanation/illustration of things and most of it is very similar if not identical. If you combine one with the other you'll get the jist.

    And sorry to hear you had such bad luck. :(
  4. have you overfilled youre oil? i did that when i was a noob, did same thing. does it just blow smoke when its hot, or all the time?
  5. I might have overfilled the oil actually. That would make some sence, because it happened on a ride straight after i had drained/replaced the oil. I had been blowing a small amount of smoke, but that was mainly because the engine was cold. But it rode fine the whole way to ascot and back, it was only after i got near my house that i noticed it was blowing serious smoke and it started to lose lots of power.
  6. I just checked my filter box, and sure enough there was oil in it and some left on the filter. I remembered it draining out of the breather tube from the engine when i took it out. Plus, the carbys had oil on them. I drained the float, and the back carby seemed to have some oil in the fuel, which makes sense seeing as the carbies are on a diagonal. It also explains why the back cylinders spark plug looked so different to the front's, and why i couldnt find anythign wrong with the bike! I really need to sus out this timing now, so i can get her back together! Thanks for all the help so far guys!!!
  7. awesome to hear. i was going to say i have that same model bike. when u get a new engine it would have came with a warranty if u got it from a shop. :grin:
  8. whilst you have it undone, you might want to check and replace this as it could posibly be the cause of the engine failing.
  9. change youre plugs and run some nulon feul treatment through your next full tank. use the whole bottle (from repco/service station). use a carby cleaner sprayed directly into youre carbies (remove air filter). replace the filter, there only $60. i spray mine with carby cleaner regulairly too.

    Dont freak out, running oil thru an old engine is not a bad idea every now and then