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Incredible Riding Skills - could you be part of this?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, May 17, 2010.

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  2. :-O ~~~

    That is brilliant. and strangely hypnotising. :D

    I also love that it looks like it was filmed in the 40s
  3. Very nifty!
    Do you think cops on bikes get as much technical training these days?
  4. That is very impressive… And nothing death defying
  5. the person who throt that up must of been totaly baked or seeing pink elephants.
    now the question is wonda how many times they crashed and how long it take them to get that perfect
  6. the perennial favourite, Rome Police on Moto-Guzzis doing two-wheeled ballet. The gentleman in the glasses late in the clip is Il Commendatore himself, Enzo Ferrari

    (it has been posted lots of times before, BTW :wink:)
  7. That was one of the videos I had 1st seen on netrider last year.
  8. Ha. Some of those formations do look like the closed-eye hallucinations of a psychoactive drug.
  9. Spot on. I also find myself looking through the video and watching the movement. Awesome video though.
  10. with a little practice i would think most riders would be able to achieve this, it's just slow speed riding, still a great video
  11. Magnificent !!!! Awesome riding skills.
    Kinda reminds me of the marching parades in the Air Force Cadet Program (AIRTC), though I wish we were given bikes instead of bayoneted rifles...
  12. Really cool...
    All those bikes so close would also sound awsome with pipes that have a nice note.
    (I am actually talking note and not LOUD LOUD)