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Incredible radio control plane skills.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cookeetree, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. If there's anyone in the world better than this guy, they must be God!

    The end is just superb!

  2. It's toys like these that make me wish I had a kid. And with the baby bonus, you could afford two of each :grin:.
  3. Why do you need kids to have toys? :wink:
  4. thats incredible. Ive flown remote control planes, they can be a right biatch to get right. Doing this sort of stuff though.....wow.
  5. OMFG!!!
    That is some really amazing control.
    I am still trying to work out how he cut his wing trails, i can only assume it was with the prop, but i couldn't see it flick sideways.
  6. That guy's amazing. Those tricks almost look like they contradict the laws of physics. Big boys toys, love em :cool:
  7. My mates brother had a remote control boat, when we were teenagers.
    We took it to Edwards lake one day... my mate sunk it :eek:
    So, his brother then bought a remote control helicopter, and that weekend, I crashed it into a watertank :eek: :LOL:
    Needless to say we were NOT allowed to play with his toys anymore :wink: he even bought a lock for his bedroom door. :LOL:
  8. I flew RC planes when I lived in Canberra, about 15 years ago. Had a glider, electric high-wing trainer, biplane and a mid-wing stunter. There were some good pilots in our club, but this guy leaves everyone I've ever seen for dead.

    I don't think he cuts the ribbons. I think they were tucked into the wings somehow (maybe the ailerons), but I don't get how he dropped them on cue.
  9. See this is what happens when you don't have a girlfriend.
  10. Yeah, you get to spend all of your money on yourself, instead of her! :LOL:
  11. If you look at it though the thing can hang on the prop and climb from a hover, a lot of those tricks become possible with that kind of power to weight ratio.
  12. Nothing's possible without pilot skill. Doesn't matter how much power you've got. My mid-wing stunter could climb out of sight, theoretically until it ran out of fuel. I still couldn't control it like that guy can.
  13. I'm not saying the guy's not skilled just that some of those stunts are only possible with that power to weight. I'm probably out of date but I don't know of a real aircraft that can hang from the prop and then climb from a dead stop.
  14. I don't get where you're coming from, mate. You're coming off sounding like you're bagging the guy because he's doing stunts with a RC plane that can't be performed with a real plane.

    Here a tip; It's radio controlled. The only comparison you can draw between it and a real plane is it kinds looks like one and has the same flying controls (ailerons, elevator, rudder).

    Have you ever seen a real helicopter fly upside down? RC ones can. Should that detract from someone's ability to fly them with amazing accuracy? I'd go so far as to say it takes more skill to fly a RC chopper than a real one. In a real chopper, you have two pedals operated by your feet, a pitch / throttle control that's operated with one hand and a joystick that's operated with the other. Now, try doing all of that with two thumbs! :p

    * Disclaimer - I've never actually flown either a real or RC helicopter and base my opinion on what I know of each only.
  15. I'm not bagging anyone, but yes I was pointing out that yes a lot of those stunts cannot be carried on in a real aircraft and that's partly why they look so impressive.

    Here's a tip for you I know it's radio controlled but that said it's still an aircraft it has a massive power to weight ratio but its still and aircraft the comparison you can draw its an aircraft.

    There's a German guy that's been looping choppers for years, but I don't believe you can actually fly inverted either RC or in real life. I can't fly a chopper either but I have been told that you either can or can't and if you can't you never will.

    But as I said at the beginning I'm not bagging anyone he's obviously very good.
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    Cool :shock:
    I obviously hadn't thought it through as rc can be lighter you must be able to make rotors that can hold the weight which if I understand it correctly is the choke point for full scale, that and I don't think there's any advantage to flying one upside down other than showing off.
  18. In real life, yeah, there's no advantage, unless you were performing aerobatics. IIRC, with RC choppers, it's basically a flick of the switch to change the blade angle from pushing down to pushing "up".
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