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Increase in accidents?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zeck, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. I haven't been riding in the hills for a few years, but I recently purchased a bike and am now heading out doing the black spur and king lake roads etc. We came across an accident on the black spur last week, and another accident on the road to Kinglake this week. I have also heard of a couple of deaths recently. I know it's the ugly side of motorcycling, but I can't remember there being this sort of accident rate on the swisty bits. Has it just been a bad couple of weeks or should I expect to see an accident every other ride?

    I'd be interested to hear what you all think?


  2. Could it be that there has been an increase in riders and thus an increase in accidents in proportion to the number of riders?
  3. road safety

    I hope your right Haggismaen. Do you see accidents every couple of rides or have I been unlucky?
  4. I have been lucky in that I have not witnessed an accident (either happen or after the fact), not including my own of course :). And I truly pray to the god's of motorcycling that I never do.
  5. safety

    Good to hear. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. It's a few things:

    - There's a lot of newbie riders as the biker population increases

    - There's a lot of fair weather riders breaking their rides out for summer, having left them in the shed all winter

    - There's a lot of people going on rides with me.
  7. with petrol prices continuing to rise there will definitely be more bikes on the road, which by extension means more bikes being involved in accidents. a news article which surfaced earlier this year (or it may have been last year, I'm not too sure) said that riders over 40 had made a significant % increase to the overall number of bike accidents and therefore they were the worst riders. what the article failed to say was that the number of riders over 40 was/is a huge proportion of the number of bike riders on the road at present.

    there's a saying that goes something like:
    there are bold riders and there are old riders but not many bold old riders.

    there will never be any less bikes on the road than what there is now, the number will only increase, unfortunately so will the number of accidents.
  8. This is happening because you have not converted to my religion. If you have, you won't be riding motorbikes, you would be riding camels. So less bike accidents.
  9. Sort of correct
    similar articles in the daily rags and motorcycling magazines give the reason for over 40's higher accident rates have to do with them returning to riding after a 20 or 15 year layoff.
    They have full licenses and get on the latest and greatest bike not realising how much bikes have changed in that time period.
    Their skills are rusty and hence they tend to come a cropper more frequently.
  10. safety

    I can definately see your point Smee. I have only been off the bikes for a few of years, and it will still take me a months or so to get comfortable riding fast again. I can imagine a layoff of 10 years might be a little hard to get your head around. Especially if you get on a fast bike.

    Thanks for all the feedback. I think maybe I have just been a little unlucky with the number of accidents I have seen.

  11. Re: safety

    I agree with this point of view, I can think of one particular 'older rider' who found out the hard way just how much better the brakes on his son's bike are than his.

    Also just the advancement in bike technology means that the everyday joe can get on a rocketship, things that can take even the most experience by suprise sometimes and a fair percentage will give it some stick anyway, hence leading to trouble.

    From the figiures that I read the other day (sorry, cant remember where, I think the article about bikes going to the GP) there didn't seem to be an increase in bike related fatalities this year, but of course that could be just luck and timing.

    I guess at the end of the day it comes down to the individual to ride within thier limits and have some self control, two things that I know I struggle with at times.
  12. Yeah, I haven't seen a motorbike accident for probably a year now. Maybe just bad run of luck for the twisties out near the Hills.
  13. yep,

    Since 2004 there has been a 17% increase in riders every year on the year before's numbers,

    So 17 up in 05 from 04 and then 17 up in 06 from 05's numbers.

    That and there are too many idiots buying bikes.
  14. I watched a doco about a year ago about born again riders. The kids had left home, house was payed off and they needed to treat themselves.

    A lof of them had come from big bikes 20+ years ago and figured that they would be fine on the latest zx-14, Busa, etc. Only to realize all too late that these things put out more power than their family sedans.

    The stats (maybe not relevant to Aus) indicated that they were among the highest % of all accidents, along with newbie riders.

    They also raced an old school bike vs. new school with a lot of the older riders looking on. They were quite suprised(re gobsmacked) at the speeds/acceleration achieved by the new bikes.
  15. Never mind. Attrition will take care of that :))
  16. Don't worry these things happen in three's, so I think your bad luck is over :p

    *touches wood* :grin:
  17. Re: safety

    Good grief.
    Well, just my experience as a returned to riding rider, but I was well aware that things had improved from the one day on the road and 6 in the garage norton commando days to the sleek kawasaki rockets of today. I have my doubts about the statements above.
    Last summer here when every netriding man and his dog was crashing , were the older returning riders the ones going down ? I dont think so.
    No. My money is on the young and mostly inexperienced. Thats my feeling.
  18. Age Group Killed (2005)
    0 to 4 years 0
    5 to 15 years 0
    16 to 17 years 0
    18 to 20 years 4
    21 to 25 years 11
    26 to 29 years 9
    30 to 39 years 10
    40 to 49 years 7
    50 to 59 years 5
    60 to 69 years 2
    70 years and over 0

    Total 48

    Source:TAC Data



    In the first half of this year there was an increase in 31.5% on Roadbikes sold over the first half of 2005. (includes Scooters which increased significantly - e.g. Vespa went up by 88%)

    Source: FCAI Statistics

  19. Thanks TonyE

    Sourced post ! gotta love that. I guess we have to define old and young now :) Still, 54% seriously injured in '05 between the ages of 21 and 39 is very sobering and very young. 63% dead between those ages is too horrible.
  20. I'm an older guy back on a bike after about 12 years, but have gone with the Spada even if I'm legal for something bigger and faster, and am pretty comfortable with that decision. Whether we like to admit it or not, our reflexes are probably not what they were at 18 either...