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VIC Incorrect VIN

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by offtrack, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Interesting. I just changed my bike insurer.

    I keyed the VIN straight from the current docs, but the new insurance (Swan) must run a live filter, and it failed their validation.

    Sure enough, when I checked the VIN against my rego docs, there are actually two errors.

    I wonder if my insurance was void all these years???

  2. Bit of a worry, it may cause issues with insurance as you say.
  3. Yeah with incorrect VIN insurance company will kick you to the kerb. Maybe not for a minor incident but any write off or major accident they would completely sever connection with you if the VIN is incorrect
  4. They may try to, they most likely will as its in their interest. Under contract law a contract would not be void based on a simple transcription error however.
  5. That's good to know...
  6. Did you have any difficulties getting the VIN number fixed/corrected with VICROADS.? Their database will need to have correct VIN number.
  7. Had insurance company miss some digits on a VIN number before. Claimed and was never an issue. They pointed out VIN was wrong and they changed it in the policy document. I believe that was shannons
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  8. Yeah my last bike was rego'd with the wrong VIN. Even showed it to the RTA counter jock, he didn't seem bothered. Neither was QBE when I claimed on a pretty decent stack.

    I suppose it could've been an issue when I sold it, but the buyer was an expat pom who I'm pretty sure didn't even run a PPSR check.