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incorrect tyre size

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dmitch, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. i have a zzr-250 and got a new front tyre put on the other day and didnt like the way it handled so did some looking around and found out they put a michelin pilot 110/70-17 on.. the specs say should use a 100/80-17.. is this a good thing 2 do or not. cos if i take it back i wanna be well informed so he cant just say it will b ok..

    so basically is it ok to have a 110/70-17 on a zzr-250 instead of the 100/80-17..

  2. what do you have on the back?

    generally speaking, it wont kill you. depends on what you asked for too, if you asked for say "something like wots on it" well, they fcuked up.
    if you said "i wanna michelin XXX" they may only come in that width/profile.
    certainly ask the question, and if you feel uncomfortable on it, ask for a replacement of the stock size.
  3. i have arrowmax gt501 140/70-17 on the rear

    just asked them 2 replaced the front tyre so assumed they would use the standard size..

    the only thing with it is the steering seems alot more responsive and dont seem 2 b able 2 lean as much.. dont know if this is also cos i was just use 2 the worn tyre..

    they also did a major service + valves and now the bike seems 2 idle at 1700-2000rpm so not really happy with them and wont b goin back there again..
  4. You have a slightly wider but lower profile tyre on now. Its overall size would be very close to original. What you have now also is a tyre with a bigger tread patch that would in the right hands take longer to tip from side to side (wider tread ege to edge) Most riders wouldnt notice. It should feel different but anything will feel different to an old tyre.
    I'd say enjoy your new rubber...........
  5. there is your problem IMO.
    the michelin is out performing the rear. you are probably used to a chalky front that gave you less feedback from the road. the michelin is making you feel everything, this is a good thing. when bux allow, get a matching (or similar) rear that complements the front better and you may find that you actually like the handling more.
  6. im slowly getting use to the different feeling... thanks 4 ur help..
  7. thats not even standard for the zzr250, perhaps the bike didn't have stock on in the first place, as long as there is no rubbing its not generally going to be a problem, the turn in will have changed as the dimensions of the tyres has changed, both in height and width

    its not hard to adjust your idle yourself, there will be instructions in your owners manual
  8. I dunno guys. You don't muck around with bike tyre sizes. The way they sit on the rim very much effects their profile in section.

    A small difference can make a big difference to feel, unlike a car tyre.
  9. These days changing a tyre size (profile) will change the handling almost as much as simply changing tyre brands/models. If you feel the difference between a Pilot Road (rounded U shaped tyre) and a Pilot Power (pointed V shaped tyre) even of the same size and profile you'll swear someone's playing tricks on you!

    As said before, a small change in profile won't make much difference but for the sake of a learner on a 250cc bike it was an odd thing for the tyre shop to do.

    Personally, i used to run a 140 section rear on my FZR250 (stock 130) and really took a strong preference to the 140. Once the suspension had been adapted, the larger rear tyre for me gave a stronger sensation of steering with the rear tyre/throttle which at that point in my riding experience was very helpful. I also ran a 180 section rear on my FZR1000, however as i've only ever run moderately pointy tyres (eg. Pilot Power) it doesn't change the dynamics as much; also means i've got more contact patch whilst cranked over.

    It's really personal preference, but unless you know what you want to change... it's best to stick with factory specified profiles and sizes.
  10. even just putting a new chain on, which shortens your wheelbase by half an inch to an inch drastically changes the handling of your bike.
    make it a habit, to reacquaint yourself with your bike after every change ;)