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NSW Incorrect registration details

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by scotty81, Oct 24, 2015.

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm looking for your thoughts on an issue I'm having.
    I am looking at buying a bike, but after doing an online rego check, the colour of the bike is incorrect.
    The owner has said that he has had no problems renewing rego etc and the VIN matches.
    My concerns are if I ever needed an insurance claim and also would the police pull me over as the details are incorrect?
    It is showing as Blue, but it's actually orange and black (repsol cbr).
    Simple computer error and easy to fix?

  2. I'm sure if you went down to the RMS, or whatever it's called, they could change it on the computer system there. Shouldn't be too much of a hassle aslong as it's actually the same bike.
  3. Thanks for your reply, I'm just hoping that I don't have to get it re-registered & get a blue slip etc...
    I think the sensible thing to do is let the seller sort it out, and when/if it gets sorted, I'll purchase it.
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    If there is a premium for buying a repsol cbr vs a standard cbr I would get a Honda dealer the check the VIN - blue may have been its OEM colour when first registered ( ie the bike may have a new set of Repsol fairings).
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    That is a very good point actually - hadn't thought about that.
    Now that you mention it, the ad does say " some minor scratches on the mirrors, but none on the fairings"
    Although it does have the orange wheels etc and nothing really looks out of place.
    Cheers for bringing that one up though!
  6. In Vic we have a 'change of colour' notification procedure which can be as simple as ringing vicroads and letting them know what colour the bike is in now. So I'm sure it should be a similar procedure in NSW. I do wonder however why the current owner never bothered to change the rego details? Not implying anything but when I see rego details not matching facts when buying a bike, I feel a bit suspicious. Might mean respray/faring change due to damage which may or may not be fully repaired by now...
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  7. Yes Siilk is correct, one of the other NSW members asked this recently. In his case it was related to changing the colour by repainting. It is fairly easy to notify the RMS of a colour change. Worst case they will want to see the bike but that shouldn't be necessary.
  8. Thanks for your input, I think I'll play on the side of caution, and give this one a miss. (y)
  9. <snigger> You've not had much dealings with the RTA/RMS have you?

    Either that, or you are being VERY sarcastic.
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  10. Good luck with it. Repsol forums suggest it is not that easier to identify a genuine bike other than running VIN past a Honda dealer. Also some further checking has shown Motor Reg. sometimes does not handle listing of multiple colours well.( Only lists one). It then depends on what has been given when first registered by dealer. If entered by alpha (blue/orange/red) its a blue bike despite being very little blue on bike. If whoever is doing the initial paperwork looks at the bike and enters the predominant colour then its rego is that colour.. Checking VIN with dealer you know and trust is only sure way.
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  11. Dunno how much news this may be, but, I have just renewed my rego on line for the BMW, and.....
    surprise, surprise, it is noted on the screen as a Maroon BMW.

    I really didn't know if "they" had the colour hidden away someplace on their system, but, obviously, they do.

    Sorry...NSW RMS
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  12. Have a clubsport commy in the shed that is cherry black factory colour that vic roads decided was red.
  13. Is that why you keep it in a shed?
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  14. Yeah for a previous bike I noticed they had the VIN down wrong (iirc they'd taken an "I" to be a "1" or something like that). When I pointed it out, the guy at the counter just shrugged and said it wouldn't be a problem. Turns out it was right - through the yearly renewals, a couple of insurance claims and the eventual sale, it was never an issue.

    I suppose the slack isn't a problem as long as it's consistently slack.