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VIC Incorrect engine number & model

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by matthew9429, May 11, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,
    new to the forum, first bike too!

    I've just bought a '06 CBF250, 15,000Ks, $1500 with RWC.
    Only problem is, having done VIN check, Vic roads has wrong engine number AND wrong model (CB650), but capacity is correct...

    Have vehicle inspection at vicroads all booked in a week, really worried I'm going to have issues with them....
    Has anyone had any experience with this? Updating details?

    Thanks, matthew9429
  2. Um, didn't buy a stolen bike did you?

    As in, does it have service records etc, and can you prove its a vicroads error?
  3. thanks for responses!
    am pretty sure hasn't been stolen, but then again you never know. pretty legit ad on eBay, i think it was one of those ones that slipped under the radar on eBay and no one bidded on it but me in the last 5 mins.
    vicroads says engine number that i gave hasn't been recorded as stolen also.
    I have a RWC that was done a fortnight ago, but along with signed receipt with all details, thats all I've got...
    Also did a PPSR report, nothing came back from that out of the ordinary,...

    can someone perhaps confirm what the format (letters / numbers )of CBF engine codes are like?
  4. I usually do a VIN check using PPSR.
    Searching for motor vehicles | PPSR

    It will show Registered interest, Vin Number, Engine Number, Year, Colour, Stolen, Written off.
    This is the official government website. Cost about $3-4 with credit card. Takes 2 minutes.

    Has the VIN plate been tampered with?
  5. hi peter079, no nothing looks too unusual on vin. i did do a PPSR check, again, wrong engine number, but model wasn't CB 650 like in the Vicroads check, it was just 'CB'...
    Over phone, vicroads said not to worry about engine number being wrong.
    Just hoping to get some peace of mind from people that may have been through this!
    You guys are just making me more worried though!! :/
  6. Did someone shoehorn a 650 into a 250 frame to get round the old 250cc learner limit?

    If vicroads has it right that means it must have been engineered complied right?
  7. Hmmm.....you'll know very quickly if its a 650 in the frame or 250 :p
    Have you actually looked at the engine, it doesn't have 3 extra cylinders tacked on the side does it?
    Has the bike ever been registered and have you looked up the rego number as to what power category it falls under?

    I've registered cars with different engine numbers, all they asked was for a receipt showing the engine was brought and similar to original.
    As to a major Vicroads error, can't help you...maybe come in with pictures of what honda says a CBF250 looks like and what a CB650 actually is
  8. thanks guys for all your responses!
    i'll write a response with what happens when i take it in next week - don't want to fuel too much speculation - its stressing me out!?! :)
    its definitely a 250 motor in there, Vicroads even has capacity down as 250cc, MUST be the original one, as engine number / vin number have some correlating numbers, and the one that vicroads has recorded is a completely different assortment of numbers to what other CBF250 motor numbers look like (example: MC35E-469xxxxx etc, the one recorded is a 6 digit number...!? )
    Guy who I've bought it off has been super cooperative, so fingers crossed.
  9. Got and old rego papers with it? Numbers should be on them if you do and that proves it has or hasn't been previously registered with that engine. It should also show the variant.