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Inconsideriate Cage Rage - A small story

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Captain115, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    As a new rider I am paranoid of all other road users, but I am yet to see something particularly bad (which is a good thing). However yesterday an incident occurred which probably seems blase to most of you, but I couldn't believe! Luckily I was not involved, merely observing...

    So I was driving my girlfriend to uni yesterday, at UQ, and was going along Sir Fred Schonell Drive just before the Nandos etc intersection. For those who don't know it, this road is a 4 lane, two lane road with a solid center dividing line and is one of the main ways of entering the university.

    I was driving along in the Right lane heading in, and in front of me was a bloke on a smaller bike, looked like an oldish ZZR or GPX 250. On his left and slightly behind him was a Lancer, driving by a P-plater. As I watched, that car accelerated so it was beside the rider and then (with no indicators etc) just merged over into his lane. Luckily the bloke was watching so he did a large swerve out while accelerating forward out of the way.

    All well that ends well right? Not yet.

    About 20m down the road is an intersection where we all pull up due to red light. I'm still speechless that this woman almost ran a rider over so I'm watching the whole exchange as the bloke stops his bike, turns around on his seat and shakes his head at the driver while motioning for her to move the car back a bit (she was really close behind him).

    The woman (probably late teens) and her friend in the car proceed to give the rider the finger, call him a ****head, tell him to get the **** off the road, etc just going on and on.

    Lights went green after this so I missed the rest of the saga but it just brought home to me the fact that not only are most other drivers not watching for you, some even then have the cheek to have a go at you!!!

    Thanks everyone, ride safe.

  2. Typical behaviour from teenagers in cars! Get more than 1 together and its a mobile death machine. They drive like that when it comes to other cars too.
  3. See this kind of situation here is what them toe sliders are for :p
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  4. I have had something similar happen to me several times.

    In fact the other day i was almost run over on my push bike at a dedicated bicycle crossing, and when I asked what the driver the hell the driver was thinking (as she saw me and didnt even attempt to stop until she almost hit me) her response was "stop b*tching, you survived". I was utterly disgusted and infuriated that some people have a complete disregard for other road users safety.
  5. Beat them into a coma - 'oh but you survived?'
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  6. I'm on that road pretty much every day on the Bandit, and not easily intimidated. Will keep an extra eye out for a Lancer.
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    Had a similar thing happen to me on the exact same road last week. Except it was a corolla driven by a girl doing her makeup. In peak hour
  8. I'm a bit surprised that you just sat there watching, and failed to get involved. Had you walked up to that idiot drivers door and told them you're a witness to their stupid bullcrap, or even tell her you'll call the cops! ( or my preference - tell her you'll drag her out the car and smack her one right in the face)

    She might back off trying to hurt riders in future.

    Drivers or just people shouldn't be allowed to get away with at sort of sh!t!
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  9. ever wondered how/why bikies who are decent blokes are out there...
    this is why. the image they get from the small percent who arent.

    think these people would mouth of to a guy thats got a patch on his back.
    even if it is a vietnam vets or simmilar patch.

    next time something happens to me, just for giggles i want to get off the bike and walk towards them while stretching my neck and cracking my knuckles......just to see how they react.
  10. Although i certainly feel like strangling people when they almost run me over or pull some other stupid maneuver (and i have let out many colourful words myself), I was having a chat with a good friend who is a lawyer and apparently if you threaten anyone (or even come across as too threatening when mouthing off to another driver etc.) you can get taken to court for assault. Something to keep in mind next time you educate the next retarded cager you encounter.

    It's kind of ridiculous since almost running me over is assault as far as I am concerned.
  11. Yeah, I am aware that it can be an offence, you are correct... but when you explain that you were under duress in seeing the car being used to attack the rider, which is seen as an 'assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm', in a criminal court, and that your outburst was a spur of the moment reaction, because you were upset at the time in watching this guy on a motorbike, being purposefully attacked by the car. Show some remorse, yet express your feeling that you had to do something before the poor fellow was killed, then the driver will soon think twice about calling anyone. Especially as it can mean real jail time, due to it's premeditative nature. ( car sped up, moved across to apparently run him off the road.

    Throw in some message texting, whil driving etc, and the court will have a field day with the driver!
    I'd take my chances, that when reminded of that, said driver will shut up and piss off, since their problem is about to become seriously worse than yours might be inside a court room.

    Even in this day and age it is still somewhat acceptable to say things in the heat of the moment and under duress, and not be punished too much. The judge has bigger fish to fry.

    It's not quite America here yet.
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  12. Every court in this country accepts self defence when it comes to attempted murder,

    Drive dangerously and wilfully at a Motor cycle with a car,

    Attempted murder with a dangerous weapon, To wit, a Car,

    You were incensed that some idiot in a car has almost killed you, and would have if you hadnt taken that seriously drastic action to prevent it, Which also doing, almost killed you,

    Any Judge would appreciate the fact that you had suffered temporary insanity and trashed the Moron that tried to kill you.

    Make sure you only hit them twice, 3 times and it reverses to Aggravated assault, Hahahaha
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  13. What about 2 punches in the face, and knee crack in the balls, or as an alternative...2+1/2 punches in the face?

    Bearing in mind that I have already dropped from 10 in the face (just so you know that I'm already making a huge compromise.
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  14. Nah, I will keep this one in the archives. If you know what I mean, Hahahahahaha
  15. Is it this type of incident that is getting riders to wear cameras. Imagine her response when you tell her she cut you off and its all recorded...