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Inconsiderate parking

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by conspiracytheorist, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. OK this isn't a generalization, but I want to rant as it really $hitted me today.

    I get to uni and in the motorcycle parking spots (size of 2 car spots) and there are a row of bikes, then a scooter parked behind them at a jaunty angle, blocking everyone from getting out and taking up the rest of the parking space. If they hadn't done that, there would have been space for a few more bikes and would have been room for everyone to get out. As it was I had to park kind of outside of the spaces, in pedestrian land. To make it worse, the other scooter there had parked almost as badly and had also wasted aloot of space.

    Think when you park people!


  2. I don't know what it is about some riders!
    I occasionally get parked in by a 50cc Vespa. Luckily I'm fairly strong & it's not that heavy & I pick it up & move it. Still, it's rude!
  3. :LOL: Lucky for you I'm not that type of scoot rider...I pretty much follow everything to the letter. As long as any other riders/drivers are trying to dent/scratch/swipe me & my scoot I won't get angry or worse.
  4. Pick it up and move the fcuking thing, sick and tired of people thinking they are the only people on the road! This pisses me off. :twisted:
  5. I think that its the person who is the issue, not what they ride.

    In this case, just pick them both up and jam them up agaist a wall somewhere :LOL:
  6. So if a car was parked across two car bays and they had left their window down, you would get in and release their handbrake and move their car???

    Regardless of someones lack of consideration or parking skills, you shouldnt be touching other peoples vehicles.
  7. I'd move it too.... At my work, we are fortunate enough that there is a fair bot of bike parking available, but it doesnt make it easy when some knobjockey parks all wrong and stops others from getting in.

    THe other week, I popped out at lunchtime (I was parked on the end next to a wall) and another bloke parked next to me left at lunchtime. We just happen to come back together at the end of lunch and some moron had parked across the spots so neither of us could get in (and there wasnt anywhere else)....

    We parked him in... hahahahaha.....I know 2 wrongs dont make a right, but it is kinda satisfying to get the last laugh. Poor bugga had to wait for both of us to finish work before he could leave....
  8. Hey duffman, I would if I could pick it up easily and move it without damaging it. Otherwise no.

    I love scooters really I do. :grin: :grin:
  9. Apart from selfish, inconsiderate bad parkers, sometimes its new riders and those unfamiliar with group bike parking who make mistakes.

    On a similar note, if you've been for a summer NR coffee night at Southbank, you'll know it's mayhem. Scores of bikes lining the waterfront, not always easy to park without blocking someone in.

    People usually have the grace to ask around about the owner of the bike, get the owner to move it, or move it with the owner's acknowledgement, or inform those around to offer apologies to the owner when they get back to find their precious ride moved.

    There's no right answer. I personally don't mind others moving my bike safely if I've blocked someone in unintentionally. You live you learn.
  10. What you do mean "theres no right answer"???

    Of course there is; you cant interfere with another vehicle. Just because your pissed off that the other rider is an inconsiderate twat, doesnt give you the right to touch their bike.

    I dont see why people are happy to move another bike, yet they would never even consider doing the same to a car.
  11. What I meant was that it I can't stop others from moving my bike when I'm not there, but I wouldn't move someone else's personally.

    I don't condone bike-fiddling, it's disrespectful, but I also acknowledge that people are often opportunistic and act in their own interests. If they can find a way to solve their problem (e.g. moving someone else's property so that they can get out), they'll probably do it.

    If people were able to heft whole cars about themselves when they're blocked in, and they had no qualms about touching other people's property, then they would.

    Although I'll probably take that statement back and want to hunt those people down if they drop my bike trying to move it :p
  12. +1

    I used to live in an apartment block in Carlton and the number of times the idiot next to me would park on the line ????? Some people :evil:
  13. yep push the fcuking car into the middle of the road , then ring and get it towed :LOL:

  14. fcuk anyone who doesn't give a shit about their actions, they deserve the lessons they will get taught.
    If some scooter tool parked my bike in, I'd just push the heap out of my way, as I would expect of my own bike if I parked like a complete fcuking moron.
    I would move a car without hesiation if it was illegaly parked and in my way too.
    Park me in and I'll put your bike up your ass for you.

    Regards, Andrew.

  15. +1

    King oath
  16. hahahah ahhh Andrew, your too much :p

    me tough biker dude. Dont mess with me or i'll smash you and all your children. Especially them pesky little scooter riders, they give me the shits, i'm going to teach them all a lesson.

    oh please
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