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Inconsiderate Monday Coffee Night

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Knightrider, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Record crowd tonight

    In total 19 bikes attended coffee tonight.

    Anyone turn up after you Lids?? If so, add them to the total!
  2. I would like to Thank the people who enjoyed there monday night coffee and left without paying there bills.
    They know who they are , but just in case they dont here is the list :

    1 Rasberry $2.80
    1 Coke $3.20
    1 Caffee latte $3.00
    1 Corona beer $6.00
    1 Flat white $3.00
    2 Iced chocolates $9.80

    TOTAL: $27.80

    $27.80 that was left to Birdrock , Lids and Myself to foot the bill for.

    The manager of Pescare has now said that you will come inside , order and pay and then the ladies will deliver it to the table.
    Last week $8.00 was left over and now $27.80 that is not on, it is not only inconsiderate but down right Rude .
  3. Changes to monday night coffee service from pescare .
    Netriders will have to go in and pay for tjhere drinks prior to recieving them
    For those who dont know why :
  4. But Glen , there was a record turn-out (big deal). Also a record for untrustworthy people in one place .
  5. Out of 19 people , 7 were basically theives . Well done.
  6. How did your first legal day go otherwise?
  7. ride home from coffee .
    A rider down , seriously hurt on springvale road
    Harley davidson Silver one rego SASH
    I stopped but paramedics arrived , he isnt well .
  8. I don't see why they need to change the way the service is.
    At the end of the day they are still getting their money even though you and others are paying it for the few forgetfull ones
  9. Or forgetfull?
  10. Ive seen that bike around, hope he comes out of it alright.
  11. not 2 weeks running thats not forgetfull , thats alzhiemers !
  12. Too right Glen. That stinks. I made sure I paid for my stuff before leaving - it wasn't difficult. And if I forgot some moolah or something I'd have the decency to ask and borrow.

    Hopefully the individuals concerned made an honest forgetful mistake and repay you guys 'cause that stuff ain't on really. :?

    Obviously the manager now doesn't entirely trust us, and how could you blame him if people leave without paying. [-(
  13. I make it at least 3 weeks Glen - I put $5-$10 down after everyone else had cleared out a couple of weeks back.
  14. When I went in to pay for mine, the manager complained to me that it is inconvenient for them to split the bill so many ways....its all computerised and easy to do so I don't really understand myself :-s :-k

    Maybe the time has come to change the venue if Pescare have a problem with a regular and well behaved bunch coming in.....

    :D :D :D
  15. As for the rider, bugger. Hope he's alright.

    And you asked why I wasn't out working? As you've shown, healthcare workers are never off duty as such and usually don't mind lending a helping hand when required :wink:
  16. The manager sees that it is unfair and also embarssing for him to make people pay for other riders dishonesty.

    It isnt the venues problem, it is ours .
    The venue did the right thing by letting us have a joint bill and serving us at the table .
    It has been abused by a select few and the blame lies with them , no one else.
  17. marty , I have proof , I have the bill in my hand that the three remaining had to pay for .
    I would refrain from making comments unless you were presant .