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'Incompetent' woman caused two fatal crashes at same spot

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by revhead998, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. How the f..k can anyone consider the penalty fits the crime!!!! This sort of sh..t pisses me off (and yes I know that this has been discussed prior on this forum, but that was before the inquest)


    A FEMALE driver who killed two motorists at the same intersection seven years apart has been criticised as incompetent by a coroner.
    Mother of two Michelle Thiele caused the two fatal crashes by failing to look to her left when entering the intersection, South Australia's deputy coroner has found.

    Thiele told deputy coroner Anthony Schapel she believed she was a competent driver despite causing the fatal crashes at a T-junction at Pompoota near Mannum, about 80km east of Adelaide.

    "Both men died in collisions at the same location in almost identical circumstances and at the hands of the same motorist," Mr Schapel said in his coronial findings delivered today.

    "They both died when that same motorist failed to give way to each of them at the same intersection."

    In April 2000, Thiele caused a collision that killed 69-year-old car driver John Mitchell.

    In June 2007, at the same intersection, Thiele's ute struck and killed 51-year-old motorcyclist Graham Bryant.

    Having regard to Mrs Thiele's driving behaviour in both of these incidents ... I am driven to conclude that Mrs Thiele is a motorist of quite limited aptitude, competence and temperament," Mr Schapel said.

    "She now has a driving record that by any standard is manifestly unacceptable."

    Mr Schapel said the 2000 fatality was caused by Thiele's "failure to give way to the vehicle driven by Mr Mitchell".

    He questioned how Thiele failed to see Mr Mitchell's yellow vehicle on a sunny day.

    "If she had chosen to look, she would have easily seen it," Mr Schapel said.

    Seven years later, Thiele again failed to look left when entering the intersection and struck a motorcycle driven by Mr Bryant.

    The motorcycle collided with a side door of Thiele's ute, throwing Mr Bryant from the bike and killing him.

    "It is highly unlikely in my view that she looked to her left at any time as she was approaching the intersection," Mr Schapel said.

    "If she had ... there was no reason why she should not have seen Mr Bryant's motorcycle."

    Thiele was fined $426 for failing to give way after the initial fatal accident.

    After the second collision, she was found guilty of driving without due care and sentenced to eight months in jail, suspended after a one-month non-parole period.

    Her driver's licence was disqualified for 18 months.

    On appeal to the Supreme Court, Thiele's jail sentence was wholly suspended.

    "To my knowledge there is no legal impediment to Mrs Thiele continuing to drive a motor vehicle once the period of disqualification has concluded," Mr Schapel said.
  2. she was driving a car. Try the same thing riding a motor cycle.
  3. The less competent a person is, the less qualified they are to judge whether they are competent or not. I'm certain that she thinks, in her own mind, she is a fantastic driver.
  4. FFS your can kill two innocent men on separate occasion and receive fa penalty, but go 40k over the wank limit and you are crucified. Our shit of a legal system needs a bloody good shake up
  5. wasn't this posted a few months back??
  6. brownyy
    wasn't this posted a few months back??

    revhead998 in original post
    (and yes I know that this has been discussed prior on this forum, but that was before the inquest)
  7. I've seen people do this a few times before (drive straight out onto a main road from a sidestreet without even a glance to check if it was clear to go, nearly taking out those who had to ebrake to avoid them). That sort of criminal negligence is terrifying, especially as a rider.
  8. This outcome doesn't place much value on lives. If you want to kill someone, use a vehicle.
  9. As I keep saying, if you ever want to kill someone, just do it in a motorcar and you'll get away scot-free. Oh and remember, its speed that kills.
  10. Two people dead and it costs her less than $500 and an 18 month suspension (when she'll probably keep driving anyway...)

    That's f*cked. Ban her from driving for life at the VERY least. It's not even so much incompetence as culpable negligence in my view. She's probably technically quite capable of operating a vehicle, but clearly unwilling or intellectually unable to drive safely or responsibly on the road. So remove the privilege.

    That she has killed two people surely, SURELY warrants a gaol term longer than a month. And even that got suspended along with the remainder of the 8 months. WTF?

    Shocking story. You've got to feel for the families who would obviously be thinking that the lives of their loves ones don't matter in the slightest to the legal system.
  11. She just never looked when turning out from the intersection... even after killing someone.
  12. exactly. I did 37 k's over the limit from a red light to get away from nutcases like this. I lost my license for 6 months and copped 420 dollars of fines. So in the laws eyes im almost the same as someone who killed 2 innocent men in the exact same way and didnt seem to learn from her first **** up.

    Maybe the story would be differant if this driver was a 22 year old male. So much for equality before the law.
  13. Wow, thats a whole lot different from what the judge? said - how the motorcyclist was wearing black against a dark background so it wasn't her fault she didnt see the rider.

    Glad that someone in the system has sense.
  14. have to wonder how many people she's injured over the years too...those who did'nt make the headlines because they survived her....
    ireally don't know why they bother putting motorists like her on trial though...the results are a forgone conclusion, just a waste of taxpayers money...complete waste of time...nothing ever happens to these people that addresses what they did...she's now killed two people for 475 bucks...and in 18 months time she's legaly entitled to kill again...theres no denying when you let her drive a car she kills other people...that's kinda pretty bloody obvious by now...and so the court effectively grants her a licence to kill again in 18 months time.
  15. +1
    I was fined about $500 for being over the limit. I can only assume that i was penalized as such because of the potential for serious injury or loss of life. Now someone like this can go and cause the death of two people and get away with a lesser fine?
  16. With things like this I'd like to have a bit of journalistic talent, and the contacts to publicly get these legal turds to justify their actions Ie: 2 deaths = fa, 40 k over and be fined up to $1600 and two years loss of licence Where the f..k is the justice in that????
  17. Give her the licence back after 18 months, and make her ride, ban her from class c licence.
  18. Better than the initial judgement but still utterly f**ked... she still got away with it completely
  19. True, although the coroner really has no say in what penalty is dealt out.
  20. Australia's legal system is ****ed in some ways.....

    This is one of them.

    The other, is the bloke that got 12 months for killing roos.... They fkn cull them up north, and he gets fkn 12 month JAIL? I wish I was a judge....