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Incompetence is considered a virtue.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bugz, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Back in the 80s; I “partied†about 6 nights a week and drank heavily… and drove… and rode…. Disgracefully.
    I got nabbed for .05 BAC a string of times. Fortunately I did not have any collisions that injured or killed anybody. Somehow the gods of mathematical probability did not get me fairly in their sights…. The cops did though, and booked me for .05… a string of times. Rightfully so too. Ironically I had stopped drinking almost completely by the time the whole mess was dealt with by the court; (1991 if my memory serves correctly). My license was cancelled for 4 years. Anyway the point of this paragraph is that after the 4 years had elapsed one of the things I had to do to get my license back was to attend a drink driver education program. It was conducted by a registered nurse. She told the “class†.05 meant your blood was .05% alcohol. Previously she had told us how many standard drinks it took to put you on the limit; which I had diligently made notes about. I did the math, and the math revealed that if her information was true I would need 80 liters of blood in my vascular system… which is of course false. I bought this to the instructors attention, she abused me and told me that she was a professional etc etc etc and I had no right to tell her she was at error.
    So I contacted the department of health to get the facts. At the time they were responsible for setting the BAC limit for drivers. If I remember correctly .05 means: .05 grams of alcohol to 100 milliliters of blood. I assume that the reason alcohol content is compared as a mass is because alcohols coefficient of thermal expansion is high, ie. a volumetric measurement of alcohol would contain a different mass depending on temperature giving large varying results. The bottom line here is that the instructor was misinforming or perhaps disinforming the class. She was demonstrably incompetent.

    A long time ago I asked a motorcycle mechanic; “why does the crankshaft turn twice when the cam shaft only turns once if an engine is a four stroke?†He thought for a moment or two and replied; “Cheaper to make it that wayâ€. Last night I asked a mechanic the same question. He replied; “The cam has nothing to do with the four strokes…. I will not mention names to protect the guilty…. Demonstrably incompetent.

    Last week I went to Sunshine court to contest a speeding fine …. 6kmh over the limit in a 100k zone.
    The magistrate asked why I was contesting the fine. I explained a technicality of the RADAR detection system and how it overestimated my speed. In response the magistrate replied, there was no RADAR involved; the detection system operated by sensors under the road, she said.
    The traffic infringement notice, as well as the summons I received about the matter stated that my speed was detected by a Gatso Parabolic RADAR!!! again Demonstrable incompetence.

    By now dear reader, you have detected a pattern. This is just the tip of the iceberg. These people and thousands like them are all gainfully employed and drawing in some case very large salaries indeed. It is a chronic and acute fact; Incompetence is considered a virtue.

    One of these days I’m gunna have a major dummy spit and get with the program and be very virtuous indeed!

  2. I like you.
  3. At which point you claim the summons and infringement notice must therefore be wrong and insist on a mistrial.
  4. Isn't this simply the "Peter Principle"?
  5. So who stuffed up? the issuers or the magistrate? :shock:
  6. Taxi Drivers..... need I say anymore????

    If most people did their jobs as badly as taxi drivers do theirs, they would be fired.
  7. Not always, it depends upon the who made the limit and how you can best explain it to someone.

    While ethanol does expand as the temperature increases, it is still in a body at 37 degrees, so should be the same volume in everyone with only a minor change in volume depending on you being hyper or hypothermic.

    But in the end saying 50 miligrams per 100 mls of blood is a lot easier than saying 0.03945 mls ethanol per 100 mls (density of ethanol is 0.789 grams per ml).
  8. Actually, the rest of us are fine, it's only happening to you because you feel the need to look down on people.
  9. Unless my math has spiraled, 0.05% by mass is very close considering blood is just over 1000 kg/m3.... or would you have preferred for the nurse to say 0.048% or something similar?
  10. now as im on p's... how much blood would i need to get away with driving after a few... :wink:
  11. Here's a saying I use more often than not: "promoted to the point of incompetence"
  12. Is there a point to this comment????
  13. Absolutely, since you asked, there are other people to whom it's applicable.
  14. You do realise he was pulling you leg :LOL:

    ....right? :shock:
  15. when things go awry, it's either you the problem or them the solution

    majority wins ](*,)
  16. So how much of my own blood do I need to store and inject to reduce my BAC after 12 bourbon and cokes?
  17. Sounds like he was having a laugh... if he didn't know the answer, it doesn't immediately mean he was incompetent.

    Anyway, just for fun, I found this:

    As for the rest, incompetence is everywhere but it's hardly proof that incompetence is a virtue.

    The nurse might not have had maths as a strong point, but what about the rest of her info? Was it delivered incompetently?

    Your magistrate probably was incompetent...
  18. Don't get me started on those Gatso Parabolic Radar's and TCO's use with them...
  19. A lot of people climb the career ladder VERY high on bullsh1t and "relationship building" i.e. "brown nosing". Its everywhere.