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Incitatus's new helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by incitatus, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. I didn't really need a new helmet, there was nothing wrong with the one I had really, even if it was 3 years old. But then I saw this one. I tried it on just out of curiosity, but when it fitted perfectly I just had to have it, I just couldn't resist the graphics, what with being an old aeroplane driver and all..........

  2. THAT'S THE HELMET I WANT!!!!! I was going to buy one of those in about 2 weeks when i get paid. I love the look of it. Then i'll have my new jacket aswell.

    Nice buy!!!!
  3. mmmm airplanes, shark teeth and boobies. How did they get it sooo right?
  4. is this the vr-2? because if it is, make sure the top vents are glued on tightly, one of my top vents came loose after 1 month (i think i got a dud :/)
  5. Yes it is the VR-2, but it's the 'new' model release with a whole bunch of new graphics. Thanks for the tip though, I'll watch that carefully.
  6. Actually I think it's the WW2 :LOL:
  7. Yes, it has that definite "B-17s over Berlin" look about it, doesn't it?
  8. That would be a picture of Ms Alabama 46 painted on it I suppose :rofl:
  9. and i've already got a depisot on one of these as well.

    was either that or the green jet fighter looking one
  10. Wow! I can see why you went for that one, inci!
  11. That one got my attention whilst looking last week, they also have a few other nice designs. Nice..
  12. what can i say... not my thing, but i get the appeal. at least we'll be able to spot you on the road :)

    ps spunky plane!!!
  13. That's awesome mate, how much did that set you back?? Almost certainly out of my price range :LOL: But they do other similar designs too yeah?
  14. Dunno about the position of the chick on there... too many people will be hovering in your right blind-spot to have a good stare :D
  15. i'm sure i'll only see one of those on the streets of perth
  16. Ok, I've ridden for a few days with this helmet, so here is a test report. The first thing I noticed was the ventilation, it's truly excellent, much better than the HJC CL-14 I had before. it is cool and does not fog, ever.

    The second thing is more difficult to explain. On the BMW there is no difference in vision between the two helmets, but on the Ducati there is a significant difference. Due to the 'racing crouch' riding position of the Ducati the CL-14 resticted my vision at the top, requiring me to lift my head to get the best vision. This was improved slightly if I tilted the helmet as far back on my head as it would go, but it was still a bit of an issue. With the KBC-VR2 (MkII), this problem does not exist. I'm not sure why, but I think that the face aperture must be higher than the CL-14, or it must sit at a different angle on my head. Either way, it is dramatically better.

    The third thing is the weight, it is unbelievably light. I don't think I have ever worn a lighter feeling helmet, that wasn't 100 carbon fibre, and two and a half, to three times the price. I am very pleased with this helmet, wind noise is minimal, and in all my years of riding I have never seen an easier system of visor removal, press a lever and off it pops, every time without fail. This is a $399 (full retail) helmet that I actually prefered to any other helmet I tried, regardless of price. I was prepared to pay whatever it took to get the right helmet, in the end, and with a bit of haggling it only took $350 bucks.
  17. Bargain!
    Sounds like you're on to a real winner there mate.
    Damn nice lookin' helmet!
  18. Thats a great looking helmet, I wouldnt wear it..but would definently look at it! :grin: Reminds me of the movie Memphis Belle..which I loved! :grin: :grin:
  19. Great looking helmet. I saw it in AMCN the other day and thought even tho I wouldn't wear it personally, it would definately stand out.