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Incitatus wears a corset.........

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by incitatus, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Yup, after all those years riding I just got around to buying my first ever kidney-belt.

    I never really felt the need before, but a mob were selling them for $35 at the Northam Motorcycle Festival this weekend, and I had just ridden down solo forgetting to re-adjust the rear suspension now that Mrs Incitatus and a heap of luggage were no longer back there.

    You see, my back got a bit re-arranged when a 4WD T-Boned my Triumph in 2000, and with the wrong suspension settings and on a crap road, it was definitely a bit worse for wear that day.

    All I can say is, why the hell did it take me 40 years to discover the joys of the kidney belt? It provides great back support on a relatively upright bike like my R1150R and is hardly noticeable once on. I haven't tried it yet, but its bound to be even more benefit on the Ducati. I may even be able to ride it for more than an hour without requiring Phenobarbitol when I come home......Thoroughly recommended.

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  3. Thanks, Hornet. You just made my day.

    Strangely...I though of this


    Must be an age thing. I guess them young whippersnappers'll be posting Marilyn Manson
  4. GOLD!!!!
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  6. You are all soooo off track...Mine is not black and unsubtle, it is soft and lacy in a nice vivid scarlet, with cute little bows around the edges.........
  7. Scarlet with bows? OEM Ducati, then? Good thing you got off that BMW or you'd be wearing something machined from billet gunmetal, TIG welded in place and capable of being worn for 10,000 days without needing a wash.
  8. Chairman you are a cracker :rofl:
  9. That is definitely an understatement....
  10. So it is true about scooter riders hey? :p
  11. Oh yes. since I have had a scooter I have found myself frequenting dimly lit 'special' bars and clubs for like minded people. Where we can freely and openly discuss our common interest in pipe length, and talk about that twisty rubber thingy on handlebars, how it can play havoc with a soft silky palm, and how easy it is to break a fingernail opening the make-up case under the seat. It is frankly refreshing to be able to have a pink gin or two without being hit on by those rough motorcycle types...........
  12. you old people are strange.
  13. Don't you mean, "You strange people are old"?
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    :worthlesspics: Inci - i won't believe it til i see pictures of u in that kidney belt..... JUST, the kidney belt :LOL: :LOL:

    :grin: thanks for the memories seany.... age 14, every friday night, 11.00pm session, at Hoyts entertainment centre in sydney, dressed up as Magenta and my friend as Columbia! How embarrassment :shock: :? :eek:
  15. A little from column A, a little from column B.


    I love these new GIF's i found.
  16. Inci, this could be the funniest thread for a long while :LOL:
  17. Carrie, normally I would be happy to oblige, but today is not good for me, I am having a bad no-hair day, and need a good wax and polish before I can be seen in public. Besides, the poor server is struggling enough without the millions of hits that would inevitably follow the public revelation of my sooo obvious charms..... :LOL:
  18. you werent at the beach on Sunday were you inci?

  19. Nah, thats just another 'wannabe'.....I'm surrounded by them.....Mind you, that reminds me of a little number I wore back in my poodle wrestling days.
  20. oooh inci-baby! can u measure those charms in inches? :wink: