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Incitatus, musings on riders......from the car.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Through an unfortunate incident, (no fault of my own you understand), an unprovoked, vicous attack by a hot Ducati exhaust pipe.....I can't ride. I have been driving to work in my car. Now I don't often drive the car or ute into town, that's what the bikes are for innit, so I don't often see riders from a drivers point of view. I can now see why some of them hate us. During a 30 min drive this morning I saw the following;

    A red/white early R1 travelling at what I estimated to be more than 150kph in a 90 limit weaving in and out of traffic with zero indication.

    A BMW R1100RT splitting between two trucks and almost getting crushed between them because the drivers obviously didn't even know he was there. Ok, maybe they should have, be he would still have been crushed. Just Dumb.

    I had my mirror clipped TWICE by bikes splitting.

    An RG250 (not RGV), producing so much much smoke I literally couldn't see two car lengths in front.

    And a swarm of scooters just being plain dumb, and weaving everywhere in slow traffic, both sides, and in between cars.

    Now I don't know if that was a typical 30 minutes, and I just don't notice it on the bike, but sheesh...we don't look real good at times, and I can see why for many non-riders we get a reputation for being dangerous nutters.
  2. Found out just the other day that lanesplitting is completely illegal here in the ACT.

    An R1100RT between two trucks is crazy. Trucks are by nature big. R1100s are not small either. Fitting all 3 in 2 lanes...

    If he'd damaged the bike at all and whinged to me about it, I would have told him it was his own stupid fault.
  3. Those bloody Italians!

    Hope your leg gets better, on the issue of riders yep some are idiots, mirrors clipped twice sheesh Perth must have narrow streets?
  4. Inci i would think thats a fairly normal day on Perth roads!

    I agree, i can totaly see why riders (especially in PErth) have such a bad reputation. Bikers in Perth do some truely stupid things.
  5. It was his hand.
  6. Thank heavens for that - considering how SOME Ducati owners feel about their machines... :wink:
  7. That seems to be an abnormally high amount of stupidity. I usually don't see that much in a week unless I see a couple of my mates riding :grin:

    My g/f complains about stupid bikers everytime she gets home from work. I notice the ones doing really dumb shit but not the ones that only pose a risk to themselves.
  8. yup, sometimes us two wheelers do some dumbass stuff. I reckon (fark here it comes) that generally most of us behave ok, but its just sooo memorable when someone doesn't.... this image stays with people and it's the background that they view the rest of our smaller, and in isolation, less annoying antics. upshot......bikers= bunch of dangerous nutters :grin:
  9. Yeah us bikers are a bunch of dangerous nutters :tantrum:

    how fitting, my outlaw biker name from that site is Nutcase of the nutcrushers MC
  10. Well we all do it.

    being a car and scooter rider, I try to be aware of my fellow two wheelers on the road. But last week on st georges terrace in the city, I cut a black sports bike off, missing him by inches apparently.
    When I stopped the rider pulled along side and gave me one heck of a blasting which I thought was de ja vu, as that is what I do to people who do the same to me. Unlike most cagers however, I apologized which is something he didn't expect by his expression!

    Problem was I was driving the company ute with gas cylinders straped behind the cab on the passengers side. Enough to create a blind spot for something narrow like a bike obviously. I checked my mirror looking for car sized things, not realising that a bike could be hiden by the cylinders.
  11. incitatus, just wondering where abouts this is?

    middle of perth? or freeway or something?

    i have been driving for about a year and a half, and i have definatly seen some stupid people on bikes.

    i saw a guy the other day looked like he was definatly on something alot bigger than a 600 - no jacket, gloves, shorts only helmet going at roughly a good 160-180 on freeway (considering i was doing rougly 110-120)...

    absolutely FLYING down the road.. and i thought "shit.. obviously not the full quid"..
  12. Guy on R1 was on Great Eastern Hwy bypass. All other incidents were on Gt Eastern Highway, the Graham Farmer freeway, and Thomas St, West Perth.
  13. It's good to see ourselves as others do sometimes. Having said that, it seems like the dills were out in force that day; I hope they all arrived safely at their destinations...
  14. If a bike or car is producing so much smoke, really it's polluting the environment, and I'd report them to the EPA, if not for giving bike riders a bad name, then for just not taking care of their vehicles.

    You can do it online in Vic: