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Incitatus has finally bought another bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Well I have looked at a few, I've mentioned a couple that I have considered here, but now I have finally bought a bike to tinker with. My R1150R is brand new and I miss fiddling with a bike, but there is just nothing to do with a new R1150R once youv'e fitted the options you want and adjusted it just right.. I nearly bought a 1966 BMW R27 250cc, but the bugger sold it out from under me when somebody upped my offer after he had accepted it. I looked at a few BMW K1's, but the ones I could afford were rubbish.

    I have now actually purchased a 1975 R60/6, the last of the drum brake BMW's. It's mint, with only 11,000 K's! It has a custom built single seat, but comes with the original as well. It also has the factory option 'deep' sump fitted, with the standard one supplied as well. The previous owner is a BMW nut from way back with several other BMW bikes and outfits. He bought this one for his wife and it just didn't get ridden much. It hasn't been registered since 2002, but he has maintained it meticulously, and has ridden it on his property to keep it up to snuff. I am pretty pleased with my buy as it only cost me $3000. I intend to completely dismantle it and rebuild it to concours. It will be a mainly cosmetic restoration as it is mechanically perfect. The paintwork is unmarked and original.

  2. inci, that is just plain beautiful, you lucky ($3,000 spare to splash around) beggar!!!

    What, 3,000 kays per year for the last 30 years on average, the thing is hardly run in





    covet, etc etc

    Keep a photo record of the resto, love to see it
  3. What a nice machine, good pick up. I'm curious though, if its in as good nick as you reckon (and indeed as it looks), why restore it? A bike can be restored many times but its only ever original once.


  4. Too true. The 'restoration', will consist mainly of dismantling, meticulous cleaning, polishing etc, and re-assembly, with all nuts, bolts and screws being replaced with stainless steel. I also need to replace the foam in the dual seat as it sat on a shelf in a shed for years and has gone hard. The cover might need replacing too. Tyres will be replaced, as they are 1975 originals and hard as bloody rock! Brake linings and cylinders seals just for the hell of it, replace 'open' battery with modern sealed unit, and possibly CDI ignition, but I haven't decided yet. The paintwork will get a mild cut and polish while dismantled. That's the list so far, have I missed anything?
  5. Its not something I would buy, but it should be fun restoring it tho :wink: