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Incitatus dumb dumb bastard, 40 years to learn zip

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. I can't believe I did what I just did! 40 bloody years of unbroken riding, and it seems I have learned bugger all..damn....damn.....damn....I'm on the Ducati today, it's very cold over here in Perth, and I did not enjoy my ride to work. I was cold, cramped, stressed, and should not have been on a bike at all, let alone the Ducati which is as useful in traffic as a chocolate teapot. I made it in anyway, and at lunchtime decided to go to the bank and deposit a cheque I had in my wallet. I was still feeling grotty but I took the Duke anyway. I got back about an hour ago and parked in my usual spot in U/G carpark, but being so stiff and cold I parked too close to the car in the next bay blocking his door. I didn't notice until I had taken my helmet and gloves off, but when I did I decided the just drag the bike sideways a bit. That's when I did the most stupid thing I have done in a long time, I can't understand what came over me! I reached out and tightly gripped a searing hot exhaust pipe! It hurt like hell and I now have my right hand badly burnt and blistered. I can't ride the bike home, I can't fly, which means I have let down two students tomorrow morning, I am totally disgusted with myself and just want to dig a hole and climb in........

  2. I have a 4 inch burn scar on my left arm where I stupidly leaned across my old 250 to retrieve a glove after I had parked my bike at home.
    2nd degree burns are no fun I can tell you.
    I feel for you inci I can feel the pain and sm,ell the barbi from here.
  3. That blows, dude. :?

    But I know someone who did sillier than that.

    She got a small scarfe caught in her vacuum cleaner, and took a screwdriver and a pair of scissors to try and get it out. Without turning it off first!!
    She dropped the scissors on her foot and the screwdriver flew up and hit her in the head.
  4. sorry to hear it incitatus. it's easy to do dumn stuff when tired, cold or otherwise physically incapacitated. hope you heal quick. c x
  5. Inci, no good at all!

    Yes it has been pretty cold here in Perth hey.

    And what about your trip to Sweeden or Russia or wherever that was.
  6. <<<insert many burn stories here>>>
    So cheer up mate - we all do silly things :biker:
  7. Sweden, and it's been brought forward to July 9th. I don't know how long it will take to heal my burn, i'm hoping I will be ok by then, if not I'm in the sh1t..... :shock:
  8. I feel for you Inci. Don't be too hard on yourself mate, we all do silly things when stressed, pity you had to get burned though. Best wishes,
  9. Well hopefully you'll be alright mate.
    best take it easy until then i suppose. Keep nursing that burn. Or better yet get Mrs incitatus to look after you properly.
  10. yeah, you certainly dont feel too intelligent after burning yourself on the exhaust do you :p thats why i got the CF pipes on my bike, they dont burn you :grin:
  11. ... and all because of that cheque in your pocket! Truly, money is the root of all evil... :)
  12. Ouch! Hopefully some burn cream can help?

    Makes me appreciate the ceramic coating on my pipes - even after a few hours of hard riding you can touch the pipes - quite warm, but not scalding :)
  13. Ow, ya poor bastard. It'll cut your sex life in half as well...
  14. :rofl:
  15. Sounds like you might need a hand to dig that, just yell out if you do :grin:
    But seriously youch! Hope it heals quickly.
  16. Phew!!!!, and here I was thinking you dropped the Duke :shock:

    All is in order then, carry on, nothing to see here.... :LOL:

    Seriously though, burns suck arse, keep it clean and it will heal fast. Infection is what slows the healing process.
    Good luck
  17. Don't feel so bad inci

    I know aa dumb bastard who was going fishing. Only had light gloves as the sun was out early in the morning.
    Some time later closer to the hills a good fog and frost was encountered. Fingers now of course freeze to pain levels.

    idiot number one gets off and warms hands on heads. Very nice indeed. Back on bike and off to the fishing.

    A few minutes later the fingers and hands begin to pain a bit. Thinking it is only the cold, onwards.

    On arrival the gloves are removed to find blistered and red skin on both hands and fingers.

    Car and trailer arrive later to take idot back home. Luckily the cold stream helped a lot.

    Moral? Don't do that.
  18. oooo... bugger :shock:

    hope it heals up quickly..........

    and the skin marks on the zorst don't become permament :wink:

  19. OUCH!

    Having worked as an exhaust repairer in my younger days, I can feel your pain.

    I'II give you a tip, Calendula cream, get it from the chemist or health food store, works a treat to accelerate the healing of burns.
  20. Ouch :shock: Hope your hand heals soon Inci.