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VIC Incident with a territory today.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by percrime, May 29, 2012.

  1. I 'think' this is in the right spot.

    I had this very ambiguous message from a friend in Melbourne a little while ago.... via FB. I post so that if anyone knows the person involved AND they need a witness I can put them in touch

    Copied verbatim except for indenting my responses

    XXK 366, dark grey (Territory??)
    for Netrider if the guy needs a witness


    except I didn't see what started it all
    and I DID see the deliberate damage by the motorcyclist to the car


    so he might not want me as a witness

    .... boots and Kevlar gloves
    .... Perhaps you saw him fend off the mirror

    meh, whatever happened to start it, nobody was hurt at that point
    but it nearly didn't stay that way

    ....I will post your ambiguous thingy
    .... and see what happens

    cnr Warrigal Rd and High St at maybe 5.00?
  2. Well that is the text book definition of ambiguous right there.

    Am I understanding correctly...

    If somebody here had an altercation with a dark grey 4wd registered XXK 366 (Possibly a Territory??) at around 5:00pm cnr warrigal & high, you have a witness prepared to come forward on your behalf as to what happened next.

    ...does that sound about right?

    If it was somebody from here it goes without saying you need to PM the OP privately and not post your response here.
  3. I saw it..............

    Benny Hill chased a guy around in circles with one of those big foam finger on his hand......

    The music was also playin'

  4. Yes.
    And it does. Yes.