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Incident Report

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. OK, given this weekend was an interesting one for a few people, I am wondering the following:

    1. How many crashes have people had

    2. How many bones have people broken

    I will start.

    1a). Street and track, including motard, about 10

    1b). Dirt - Tooo many to count

    2). 18 broken bones
  2. 1 fall from the bike.. No broken bones thanks god... Just soreness and bruising.
    Was pretty new to riding and got scared of going around a corner with gravel on it so I put the brakes on silly me :oops: .. But I have learned from it so thats ok...

    Lisa :twisted:
  3. 1 fall. Resulted in some bruising and broken levers on the bike. Riding daily since January 2001 (4 years now)

    thought it would be fun to include time spent riding too - may give some other interesting info. (e.g. a person riding 20 years with 10 crashes vs. a person riding 5 years with 10 crashes)
  4. Hey Lisa,

    Has nothing to do with being silly or inexperienced. MartyH is a very experienced rider and fell also... THese things happen.

    The only way to improve yourself is to keep riding and walk through the fear... Keep your eyes forward and not on the road. Also, when something is about to happen, dont panic, think......

    Friday last week, driving back from Nowra, I did a STUPID pass in the big 4x4 and tried passing a VERY slow car (doing 80km/h) at 140km/h and all of a sudden a car is coming right for me in the other lane.... I must have had a brain fade and did not see the car... Well, did not panic, thought CRAP, this is going to hurt and then applied the brakes and steered around the situation. I really thought we were going to hit. But, because I did not panic, that is what saved me
  5. Crashes (while in motion) Nil.
    (There was this BMW -cage- that ran into the back of me at low speed at a roundabout. and there was the time my bike fell on a Saab when the footpath melted in the heat)

    Broken bones: nil from any cause.

    Riding since 1970. (and boy! am I tired)
  6. Don't get me started Mitchy, I started riding in England on 50cc mopeds, crashing was all part of the fun :LOL:

    Off hand I can think of about 5 crashes on various 50's (cuts and bruises), 2 more serious ones on 125's (one over/through a mini of all things) but no broken bones to date 8)

    Strangley I've never crashed anything bigger than a 125 :?

    I've never fallen off on the track at least, I guess that means it's safer, either that or I'm not trying hard enough :twisted:
  7. touch wood. havn't dropped a road bike on the road yet (have done in gravel, broke an indicator :cry: )

    dropped my old dirt squirter at least once or twice every time i went out. i used to say if you dont come off you weren't riding hard enuff, but i was just crap :LOL:

    had so many accidents on the pushy that it makes my head spin. when i was riding to school i used to get hit by vicous primary school mums all the time (and the occaisional unsuspecting tree/pole). went through 4 mountain bikes over 3 years in high school, it was a goddamn warzone :shock:
  8. First day I got my bike, it was a rainy day. Right hand turn, poor road conditions, lost traction and slid. Cracks along the front right fairing. Injury was a rather sore right wrist.

    Second, I was enjoying the scenery until I realised I was coming up fast to the rear of a stationary cage. Emergency stop successfully without hitting the car, but because it was so sudden, when I stopped I tipped over. Hardly any scratches to the bike. Only injury was, my left wrist (poor wrists).

    And a crash that I didn't even do, I parked on the grass. It was that wednesday with all that rain. The grass was really really soft. I woke up in the morning to get ready to go to uni, looking out the window, "Oh it's raining..... WTF" I see my bike is over on the pavement. Damage was right mirror, and some extra scratches on that right side.

    None, yet.
  9. 2 prangs on a GSX600efe
    2 prangs on diferrent GPZ900R's one resulting in chipped elbow
    1 sideswipe off a p plater car (so sorry about that one) due to newly laid road surface (read gravel type surface) on a sweeper and at night if the car had not been there I would have been picking up the bike and us from down a very steep hill.
    1 run into the back of my Duke on Nepean Hwy whilst I was stationary. Nil damage to me but 3000 for the Duke and no idea on his 4wd.
  10. Someone made a comment to me just recently on a private MSN chat...

    They asked how do you walk through fear and it was an interesting question that lead me to think of somethoing else. People whom I have really gotten to know have made a comment about "someone" watching over me.... maybe....

    Funnily enough, the last few incidents have been in slow motion but my mind seems to operate at normal speed.... Like the 4x4 incident, eveything around me slowed down but I remaind in a "normal state" so to speak....
  11. 1 fall.
    - right neck, shoulder and arm sore.
    - right knee bleeding at crash, still bruising and swelling all over it.
    - can't run and walk fast
    - deep scratches over the right-side panels

  12. 6 crashes:
    3 minors in gravel on my CB250 and another minor on the CB in the wet. That bike and I just didn't get along! A girlfriend bought it off me and rode it incident free for the next 2 years!
    1 on my Zeal - hit a metal strip in the wet
    1 on my CBR600 from a car changing lanes into me.

    1 broken bone in my hand after my very first gravel crash on the CB. But it wasn't picked up for 3 months... maybe that was why I kept crashing!! :shock: :LOL: :LOL:

    Years riding: 4.5
    km's: god knows.. I commuted 50kms a day for a good part of 3 years. :D
  13. damn viv how long ago was this?
  14. Great Stats Tati

    Thanks for that
  15. Adrenaline, 'tis a lovely thing. Your body releases it when the fight/flight instinct kicks in. It messes with the part of your brain that guages time.

    I love the discovery channel :D

  17. On Sunday near Kingslake! When I ride with Scooter group, but I wasn't with them at the beginning, I was going to catch up with them.

    But when I met them at Flowerdale, one of them got fall off from Scooter as well, but he got the right pants, so only a bit of swelling, and his Vespa need some panel batting.

    So.... right gear is the way to go! I will have my right pants for this Sunday! :p
  18. 1. Wrote off my first bike at Halls Gap

    2. Lots of bruising but no broekn bones :D
  19. what?!? ouch, good luck on your recovery.
  20. Too many accidents to remember.

    Right ankle x 1
    Right foot x 2
    Left shoulder x 1
    Right collar bone x 2
    Spine, bent vertabra x 1
    Coma x 2
    Knee ops x 20 (10 per side)
    Right hand x 2
    Left wrist x 2
    Right eye, burst blood vessel x 1

    Now have Titanium knees

    If I want to ride with T shirt & shorts, I know the consequences, thankyou.