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Inception #spoilers#

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. F*cken beaut fillum. Did a better job than even the Matrix of pulling the rug out from underneath you.

    But for those that have seen it, I reckon the whole film was set at least one level under reality... And that his wife was correct when she killed herself in the film's top level to wake herself up in reality, and that Cobb is stuck in a dream world that the plot resolution of the movie just helped him cement in his brain.

    What say ye?
  2. HMMMM =]

    I reckon she killed herself in real life thinking she was still in the dream. I think the ending was REALITY not a dream. I also think that was a top movie! I like how the movie started with Leo washed up on the beach and ended with him washed up on the beach having that conversation. Brilliant! Just a great movie, story line was good, ideas were original, trippy as hell.

    I *think* watching that movie after a few beers would improve the experience I kept finding myself guessing what will happen next and not being suprised when it did, if i could have zoned out a bit more and got into it better I think the whole experience would have been more surreal and in depth.
  3. I dunno... The reality level was still pretty disjointed and dreamlike. And the kids hadn't aged since he left, and they were playing in the garden when he got there like in every other dream... And he didn't even stop to check if the token stopped spinning before accepting it as reality... Which it may or may not have due to the delicious ambiguity of the final shot... I'm calling he's still under.

    The whole film was a great metaphor for addiction, escapism, psychedelics etc.
  4. This is interesting...no one I've spoken too has pointed this out so far...I need to watch the movie again
  5. Mmm, loved the film. As you say, Loz, it out-matrixes The Matrix. Thought provoking, but with action and suspense to grease the wheels.

    Immediately after seeing the film I was thinkin' that maybe Cobb's dad had set the whole film up to try to get Cobb to realise that the dream world doesn't cut it. That would fit in with the whole "layers of recursion", "it has to be a simple idea", "they have to think they came up with the idea themselves" - the idea that the memory can't compare with the original, that the artificial can't compare with the real...

    But on further contemplation.... Well, maybe Cobb did make it out to "reality" and the final scene is just Cobb visiting the memory of his kids without Scary Evil Stalkerwoman trying to gatecrash the party.

    Though I'm fairly certain I heard the top start to topple about 1 frame after it snapped to black.

    The options are infinite, really, and I'm confident Nolan will keep the "real ending" (if there is a real ending) a secret, so I shan't speculate. Loved the film, gotta watch it again. :)
  6. You did. And it was definitely slowing down. And once it starts to topple it will eventually topple - standard chaos theory - it may take a 'shake' or two but it will inevitably topple. Didn't you also see it toppling at various points in the movie?

    Secondly, if his wife is always appearing in his dreams and ruining them, why isn't she doing the same in the top level, even though she's dead? - it's still a dream.

    Thirdly, the sedative put them under for 10 hours at the first level. For him to be under for days, weeks etc on end in the top level the sedative needed would more than likely stop a persons heart. I guess he could be constantly fed it.

    Loz, I picked up on the children not ageing thing, but that's not enough to convince me.

    Also, wasnt the whole point of the subconcious zone that you wake up in reality?

    One bugbear about the movie, why didnt the bottom level go into null-g with the rest?
  7. oh, and Miss Page gave this movie the final touch. She was stunning.