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Inattentional blindness

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by devotard, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. I thought you guys would get a kick out of this:

    Ok, cue the parallels (lecturing) to riding technique now.... :LOL:
  2. A neat trick, and not surprising, or of concern, given that viewers were programed not to pay attention to people wearing black.

    I don't pay attention to trees or houses that aren't on or near the road when I'm riding either. I don't think I'll ever hit, or get hit by one though. :p The trees and houses, like the guerilla suited man, are unimportant to the task at hand. Driving is a complex task, and it simply not possible, or sensible, to try to pay detailed attention to everything in your field of view.

    They cheated as well, and didn't tell me there were 15 passes. Okay, I was bored.
  3. They used that video at a safety training course at work once. Getting you to think outside the box and not always concentrate on the main point

    Intresting thats for sure.

  4. Also got 15 passes and a gorilla. Does that mean I have a good eye for detail or a nurd stuck inside while the snow falls.
    Hope next weeks weather is better so I can take the new GS for my first spin.
  5. got 16 passes first time and 15 the next, saw gorilla and S's both times
  6. i got 14 passes both time and completely missed the gorilla both times.
  7. Isn't that a bit like being asked to drive down the road, and count the number of BMW's u pass, but still stay alive!! .. yr brain only registers BMW's .. but still knows the others cars are around! Wether it picks them as black cars or black gorillas is irrelevant, they still need to be watched.

    Or like when u first start riding a bike on the road, and then even when your in a cage it seems like there is hundreds more bikes around than there was before . Your brain just process's things differently.
  8. blinded to the unintentional

    I am a fairly observant person and I pride myself on noticing a big picture.Maybe I did not see the gorilla as I seriously saw King Kong just before :-k I came on the net..Hmmm maybe I need to work on my unnintentional blind spot.Monkey see monkey do.Damn primates
  9. Posted by Horse to a UK moto forum. Beware!


    With particular relevance to the current 'conspicuity' threads.

    Heard two variations on these story, both from the coppers concerned, both with the same 'punchline'.

    1. Basingstoke

    30 limit, copper riding along, minding his own business, with the full 'look at me' Police kit & bike:

    "Tum-te-tum, tra-la-laaa, dum-de-deeee-OOOOOHHHH-SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!"

    Car has driven up to a junction from the left, and pulled out in front of the police bike.

    At first opportunity, officer stops car, to have 'words' with driver.

    2. Slough

    Dual-cabbageway, gridlocked, copper is filtering in middle between two 'same way' lanes .

    Driver in left lane looks in door mirror, sees bike approaching, then gently edges his car out to block bike's passage.

    In this instance, copper decides to wait for traffic to celar, then wait for opportunity to have 'words'.

    In both cases the driver said the same thing to the coppers:

    "Sorry, officer, I thought you were an ordinary motorcyclist."

    Bear that in mind when discussing any 'conspicuity' issues . . .

  10. Thanks undii...damn, didn't notice the incomplete links.

    But here is the first in full


    however the second is now unavailable.