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Inappropriate filtering

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by bugeater, Sep 22, 2007.

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  1. Well I saw something that really annoyed me yesterday on the way home. There is a right hand turn that doesn't have a dedicated arrow, so you have to wait until the traffic from the other direction clears to be able to turn. Problem is that a lot of people turn there, so often you are waiting through a couple of changes of the lights.

    Anyway, this guy on a scooter just rode past everyone and then pulled in front of the right hand turn lane. Once the lights turned green he just pushed in front of everyone and waited in the middle of the intersection. So essentially someone doing the right thing at the back of the line didn't get through the lights before they turned red.

    I was really pissed off. I have no issues with filtering (at least if you have the power to pull away from the traffic), since you aren't actually holding anyone back or pushing in. In fact you are really helping traffic flow. But this was simply pushing in and is exactly the kind of thing that pisses off the car drivers. It gives us all a bad name and is pure selfishness. It makes people want to pass laws outlawing things.... In fact a white Commodore nearly ran the scooter down...

    I personally never filter on a corner (imagine if the car goes wide... :shock: ) but if you do it on the green arrow and accelerate away quickly then I have no problem. You aren't impacting on anyone.

    On the topic - slow scooters filtering to the front and then blocking traffic :mad:

    But seriously - people on 2 wheels have bad PR. We don't need to make it worse. This sort of thing is no different than pushing in at the queue at the supermarket. Properly filtering is like having a special queue that only members of a our special club are allowed to use :grin:

    That's my rant for the day.
  2. Filtering is there to make it more convienient for everyone. For the person on the bike since they get through faster, and for the cars since the bike will take up 1 less spot. So what that guy did was just selfish.

    It seems that people that ride scooters don't give a damn about what other people think. I was on a 1 lane road and there was a right turn bay up ahead, so i just went up that and stayed right on the left hand side next to a car to wait for the lights to go green. Once they turned green, i started to go, and found that there was a scooter right next to me on my right. Instead of coming in behind me he decided he would try and pass me (not likely). The thing was, since it was a right turn bay, infront of there were cars going the other way waiting to turn right. So if i didn't move over, i could of run the scooter straight into the oncomming traffic (not a bad thought now that i think of it)

    Hmmm... took longer to explain than i thought.
  3. In general filtering is better for the general traffic flow, if done nicely.

    But I always avoid being in a lane at traffic lights with a separate turn signal, I think its really bad mannersto make someone wait an extra 30 seconds just because you want to get to the front. Its more of an issue for cars though, as if I do find myself in the position where I'm in that lane, I'll move in front of the car in the middle, or always come to a stop in the right side of the lane so they can get past.
  4. Polling buttons don't seem to be working for me but I'll add an emphatic YES here.

    As I get older and more cynical, I'm less and less concerned about PR, as I've expressed elsewhere, but I consider filtering without risk or inconvenience to others as a point of honour and pride and a demonstration of skill. It pisses me off to see it done badly. It also pisses me off when I let an apparently faster filterer through, only to have them baulk at a gap I could drive a bus through (or, at least, my great blue whale of an RT :grin: ) and then sit there blocking me. :evil: Engage surface to surface missiles.....
  5. Sort of another point, or sort of the same point, as it is still about inconveniencing people while filtering.

    Why oh why do retards on bikes come to a dead stop right on the white line when they finally balk at a gap? Pull out of the way else we will pull a manouver that will have you running to Netrider screaming "some biker just scared the shit out of me". I used to take great pleasure in blasting between a bike and one of the two vehicles that was supposedly blocking them. The "nice" part of me led me to scrape a bar down the side of a bus/truck before clipping a bike, but I wouldn't have felt bad either way.
  6. people that don't give way when filtering really annoy me, i was coming to work and i filter throught the city as it is bumper to bumper and there was a guy on a gs1300 and he was stopping 2 to 3 cars back and the lights still in the middle and once the lights turned green he would gun it through the cars to get to the front even if there was space for him to get through.

    how hard would it have been to move 15m foward.

    filtering helps to relieve traffic well at least not cause any more, and should be done with some thought involving other road users regardless of how many wheels they have. if you are going to filter it is your obligation not to hold up and other road user.

    if they do bring in laws about filtering i recon is should have something in it that if you choose to filter then if you hold up traffic you can be fined.
  7. As a realitive newbie to riding (only done about 500-600 km before this weekends 300km :grin: learner run), I only just started filtering traffic last week when I had to communte to some training for 3 days mid week. I opted to take the bike rather than be forced to sit in the work car in the car park they call Windsor Rd.

    The first day I pretty much chickened out and was content to just sit in traffic enjoying life. However I did study the other riders that went past as they filtered the traffic. I was quite please to see that it did not seem to bother any of the cagers and when done properly it really had no effect on the already congested traffic.

    When I finally grew the balls to actually give it a crack on day 2 the one thing I was aware of was to always allow room for other bikes. I had been told by mates that ride to always ensure to pull out infront of cars at the lights etc so that if another bike was filtering they too can get clear of the traffic when the lights change.

    I think those bikes that don't show that sort of courtesy simply don't realise what they are doing and probably don't hae any peers that ride to discuss such things. I would suggest that if you do see such a thing try and cacth them at the next lights and just have a polite word to them to explain what they are doing wrong. In the end it can only help the PR of bikes to the other cagers.

    Just as a side note, does anyone know what the current legal status is in regards to filtering/splitting. I am unable to find any info online easily and was wondering if anyone knew of a link etc. I have heard stories of cops basically making up the rules on the spot if they have had a bad day and would mind having a printout of something on me if they ever decide to pick me up for filtering.

    Man why do my post always end up this dang long :p :LOL:
  8. aus_dragon: it's fairly grey, but if a cop is feeling in a foul mood they might pull you over and try to stick something on you. I've filtered past cops without any problems, but others have gone past em and then gotten in trouble.
  9. Filtering itself isn't defined as being illegal. Where they get you is the fact that you overtook without your own lane.
  10. I think filtering is one of the privileges of riding a motorcycle. Not only does it help traffic flow, but I feel it makes it safer for the motorcyclist as they aren't caught in bunch of cars.

    It's almost compensation for being exposed to the weather, being environmentally friendly and having to put up with the dangerous driving practices of others.

    But I think we need to be courteous when we do it. We get pretty unfair treatment by the government and media as it is. We don't need to add fuel to the fire.

    My philosophy of filtering (and life) is "do no harm". If your action isn't hurting or impacting on anyone else then generally it's acceptable. Probably a bit general, but it's a good starting point.
  11. mmm...I do this all the time, mate...
    I actually don't see it as harmful, since I go past the lead car and take up a position well ahead of where the lead car would go, in preparing for it's RH Turn. It does'nt hold up anyone, and I'm gone well before the lead car even gets going.
    No probs to others if they don't want to do it...it's just something I regulary do if there are alot of cars in the line-up. (Actually...I'm helping them...if I sat in line, the cars behind would be one additional car space behind)
    I don't see what I do as "pushing-in", since I am not taking up space that would be used by a cage in the fist place...
  12. The guy in question wasn't helping anyone. He very clearly pushing in ahead of the traffic. There are very few opportunities to turn right at that intersection due to the oncoming traffic flow and pedestrians crossing the road that you have to give way to. He slowed everything down.

    There are always vehicles left behind because there is only enough time for about 5 to 8 cars to get through before the lights go red and there are typically at least twice that number waiting. A lot of these get through after the lights turn amber. He simply took someone else's place. Then they had to wait another 2-3 minutes.

    There also isn't anywhere you can go in this intersection where the cars don't go. They already bank up right across and can block cars turning from the other direction. But it may depend on the actual intersection. The one in question is Grattan Street turning into Flemington Road. It is a pretty crazy road (one of those wierd ones with the continuous traffic island splitting the car lanes into two sets and a dedicated tram line).

    The car drivers are still the worst anyway. A few just drive through the intersection, do a U-turn and then turn left from the opposite direction thereby causing the problem than makes the right hand turn so slow....
  13. I usually dont filter to the front if I want to turn because I dont want to pul away real quick at the start of the corner therefore I can potentially hold up a car.

    On a straight line its different.

    There are exceptions of course. larger intersections where I can break away from the cars behind before tipping in for example.

    Scooter riders are just bad for the most part.
    Many have no sense of road craft and possibly think that they are on a push bike.
  14. I completely agree... the fact they own a scooter says everything about their common sense :)
  15. Pramble: Pyrmont, Wattle St, going to turn right onto Bridge Rd for the Anzac Bridge. 2 lanes, both turning right.

    I often filter to near the front here but stop a few cars back, as there's a kink in the end of the road and it sometimes feels a little dicey.


    Would you say that ANY time you filter, but not to the very front, you're being a dick by holding back cars? Should I always try to get all the way in front and then pull out in front of the lead car?

    After thinking about it I'm thinking "yes".

    I also suspect most car drivers don't think about it enough to know that if you're all the way in front you're not holding anyone up, and think it's "less rude" if you pull back into the lane before the very front. Meh.
  16. You raise some interesting points. I often filter to very near the front, but sit a car or two back from the front if there isn't enough space at the front for me. When when you think about it means you're effectively another car in terms of occupying space, so in a way you are slowing people down.. But on the other hand it sometimes does seem less rude to sit a few cars back rather than at the front.

    Solution? Go to the front if you can, if not - dont :grin: Its not your fault that some wank is blocking the pedestrian crossing (that is totally OUR space! We claimed it! And we don't obstruct passing much)[/quote]