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In two hours I do my L's!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by iliketoride, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Awwww yeaaaaahh.

    Don't know if I'm amped or scared or what....

    Any last minute hints??
  2. if you did the online test you'll be fine, or is this the end of the learners course?

    OH and Good luck mate, I got mine less than a month ago
  3. Good luck -it's ok to be both amped and scared.
  4. First 4 hour session today, second one tomorrow in Adelaide..
  5. It sucks that I woke up with a cold though :(
  6. relax listen & concentrate - you will be fine :grin:
  7. Cool... should be fun, havent ridden a bike since I was 14 or something :)
  8. Do it DOUG !!!!!
  9. Good luck :) :) :)
  10. :) :) :)

    RAD FUN! Got everything down, even the weavy things, 2nd gear, feathering the clutch, a bit of back brake and just get a rythym going... awesome!

    Hoepfully I pass tomorrow :) !!!

    NEED a bike NOW!
  11. well done dude :D
    good luck tomorrow
  12. Well done, bring on Thursday!
  13. Good luck mate for thursday.
    More fun to come lol

  14. What she said but emphasis on the relax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun & soak it all up!
  15. Thanks guys, this place really is friendly! :)

    Second session in 2 hours, looking forward to getting on the bike. When I fired up the CB for the first time, damn it was cool. How lame am I ;)
  16. Thats not lame dude! Thats why we are all here on these forums. Enjoy the day and have fun. Best of luck!
  17. good luck
  18. the CB had heaps of power when i was on my L's and P's course as i was riding a restricted 50cc scooter at the time :sick:

    enjoy the day and test.
  19. Safe ride

    You'll have to tell us how you go :cool: I'm doing the second half of my L's on saturday :oops: