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NSW In(tro)duction - NA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Nimir Anu, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. G'day all, my name's Narayan (nickname, Nimir Anu).
    I am 41, a multi talented extreme metal musician with my own solo project Chaos - Chaotic Black Death!
    I am an inventor, & bike/car nut.
    The only sports I like are motor sport, hahaha!!

    I am of the opinion that every vehicle owner should learn to perform at least a minor service on their vehicle... you'd be surprised how much money can be saved by diy. Just the same as every musician should learn how to maintain, service & repair their own instrument/s (apart from electronics, unless you know what you're doing?)
    Favourite quotes: 1 I coined myself, Inconsidiot = Inconsiderate Idiot, or Inconsidiotic = Inconsiderate & Idiotic. LOL
    Life is pretty simple when you simplify life. ;)
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  2. welcome aboard :)
  3. Welcome to the site Narayan. There are a few musos here although I can't think of any heavy metal ones. But then Heavy Metal musos are always such shy and retiring types ;) that they may not have said.
  4. And of course you have a bike in your lounge room.. nice. Welcome to NR
  5. Welcome to NR..

    Is that a project bike in the pic?
  6. Had a bike in my loungeroom... sold her $3k. 1954 Ariel that one.
    My 2nd bedroom (studio) was 1/2 full of Pocket Dirt Bikes I was selling back then too. Though laws changed requiring me to be fully qual mech to service, repair & sell them, plus a disgruntled junkie customer having my VL stolen & burned, then both my XR & XL went too. :( Fcuking theives!!!!
  7. Nah. That I inherited from my little brother in '04 when a Vic copper fataly shot him in the back.
    Since been sold as I'd not had the $ for resto, & woulda just rotted away. LOL
  8. Just a quick & simple q... how do I like or agree with posts & comments? Or do I have to wait 'til the 48hrs are up?
    & where do I find the "Start New Thread" link? I foynd the 1 on this page, but where's the regular forum section 1?

    Cheers all!
  9. Welcome mate :cool:

    You have to get a certain number of posts to be able to put up piccies, it wont take long :)