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In the Zone

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ralph, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. How good does it feel when you just hit your flow and are in the zone. Sports stars talk about it... you sometimes might feel it at work.... but its been a while since I have felt like I did today on the bike

    I have been riding my new bike for abit over 12 months, and I know it sounds silly, but been still finding my Zen with the bike... Today...I hit every corner... Right on.. I felt like I was flying through corners, harder then I had hit them before. I am not on a sports bike, so me taking corners fast is still relatively slow on a crusier, but it was great, scrapping pegs, hitting my lines.

    Get home, and just feel awesome!! And cant wait to get out there and do it again...

    And you know what ... I think it was more that my mind today was just clear today. My focus was really high. Seeing far into the distance, reading the corners well, and getting the bike right over.


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  2. Onya ralph ! (y)

    Before I blab on, please excuse the long post below - it's not easy being thousands of km away from home and alone in a Hotel room...boredom, loneliness..call it what you will ... :D

    Okay, I think we've all had such a day once in a while...and I say 'once in a while', coz it's truly a special moment when it does happen ; when it's 'Right on', as you say.

    I particularly liked this in your post above :

    "I think it was more that my mind today was just clear today. My focus was really high.."

    Not that I didn't like the other things you mentioned, but the above in my opinion are the most important things to not only a safe ride (of most importance) but also for being 'free' to explore one's own boundaries...and improve.

    With time, a rider's constantly building skills, experiences (good and bad), exposure and constant retention of core riding skills & the further enhancement of these, will make that person a better rider, achieving 'In the zone' days like the one you've described.

    The state of the body & mind is very often underestimated...or worse, neglected altogether.
    These are directly related to not only how we feel after the ride, but more importantly the safe outcome of it, from the moment the key is pushed into the ignition.

    You've outlined this mate, and thanks for doing this and sharing your truly awesome day with us.

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  3. It is a magic time when that happens, thanks for your post. :)
  4. It does feel good when you get it right. I had a few sections of road yesterday on a group ride when I hit the zone also. Found myself catching and staying with bikes I should not have caught up to.

  5. yep, when you get it right, even if comparably you are crawling, its awesome!
  6. Well said - when it's right - well....it's just right :woot:

    Glad you had a good day out and the experience has injected some Zen

    It's about time I'd booked in for some myself (y)
  7. My mind just shuts down and I don't think about riding at all. It's rare but it's a great feeling.
  8. That would have to be one of the greatest feelings ever, the mind feels right, the body feels right and the bike feels flawless.
    The flipside though is scary!