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in the time it takes to do a headcheck...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by smidge, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. a truck decided it wanted my lane more than i did

    turning my head back around to have my vision filled by a dirty great truck was an interesting experience

    with nowhere to go but stop i braked HARD and managed to miss the bumper of a shiny toyota echo by centimeters

    my first good and proper scare, just days onto my P's and i've realised two things

    1. check, and check again and keep track of where every car around you is, everyone is trying to kill you

    2. practicing braking hard and really getting used to how the bike pulls up paid off... the back didn't lock up until i was almost stopped and using it saved me a meter or two
  2. It could've been alot worse :shock:
    Chalk it down to experience, and well done on the practicing.
    .. which reminds me .. :oops:
  3. As long as you remember your own advice you'll be ok.
  4. I've learnt by experience that when you've done your head check and are about to change lanes check your mirrors as you swing your head back! Smart a**e in an SS commode decided to out run me in a lane change & only spotting him in my mirror saved me from being cleaned up by him!

    Congrats on your great save!
  5. Gee Lady Yamaha we must have come across the same bloke :roll:
    as I had the same thing happen to me last week

    I have to say though becoming a bike rider has made me a head check addict in the car too and its saved me a fair bit

    I watched a poor scooter guy this morning coming down Footscray road nearly get cleaned up by a big truck that just watched him in his mirror and kept coming over.

    Good save Smidge

  6. +1 Nice save Smidge :)
    Didn't you know you're supposed to be able to look in both directions at once? :wink:

    I generally try to point a little towards the split, just incase the guy in front randomly brakes, but that's not always practical.
  7. Nice work on the save...

    Situational and Spatial awareness are two things that have saved me more times than I can conveniently count whilst riding a motorcycle.

    They are two very different things and compliment each other.

    That hotted up car the kept edging forward at the lights might decide to drag past you...
    The feeling of a car on your right rear, just out of sight of the mirror.

    It's amazing how over time, you almost feel your way down the road, picking cars/trucks that you know will cause you grief if you get near them then keeping that picture in your mind as you move through traffic.

    I've gotten to the point now where I can recite most numberplates as I move through traffic, pisses the boss off when we're in the ute on a job. hehe