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In the search for torque

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by zxparker, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wanting some advise on how much gearing changes to a bike is too much. I have a ZX6 2007 model and I have a few mods on it. Pipe, air filter and Power Commander. I have already dropped one tooth on the front sprocket but I am still in the search for more usable power... I am considering going up 3 teeth on the rear now. Any advise on if this is too much of a shift from stock? What implications will it have and so on...

    Also, does anyone know how the speedo healers work as my speedo is already out by a mile, this will make it worse... Are they hard to install and configure?

    Thanks in advance as usual!!
  2. It's cheap, give it a go and see if you like it. There comes a point though where you're busier with the gears than necessary, and you can't keep the front wheel on the ground, so you can obviously go too far.

    doesn't your speedo run off the front wheel?
  3. Nope, speedo runs off the gearbox. Very annoying. I will get a Speedo healer for $120. Its better than running up the extra KM on the bike and not really knowing how fast one is traveling.

    Just trying to decide between 46 and 47 tooth sprocket at the moment. Its either a 3 or 4 tooth difference.
  4. Go for it, I've never regretted downgearing a sportsbike. I had +3/-1 on the Hornet 900 for a while, it was a laugh a minute.

    All I'd say as a caution (apart from the speedo error and increased fuel consumption) is that a smaller front sprocket makes the chain turn tighter and work harder, so you'll root chains quicker. So perhaps another option for later is to go stock on the front and get a +6 or +8 rear sprocket made up, there's a mob in QLD that do it, talk to N*A*M, that's where he and the stunter blokes get theirs from.
  5. Someone was telling me that you only get significantly accelerated wear when you get down to a 13. 14,15,16 are all nice enough to the chain. So unless I'm fine tuning for a track or shooting for a certain wheelbase, I just swap front sprockets, saves rooting around changing chains.

    Unsure on reliability of that info.
  6. THIS NR link may interest you.
  7. Step 1) Sell zx6r
    Step 2) Buy vtwin
  8. +1, take a twin for a ride and see if that's what you are after.
  9. The smaller the front sprocket, the faster it wears.

    The bigger the difference between front and rear sprockets the faster the front wears as well.

    There is no "magic wear" point. 14 is worse than 15, 13 is worse than 14 and so on. The smaller you go the sharper the angle of the chain, the fewer teeth in contact with the chain at any time and so this can slightly affect its longevity as well.


    Trevor G