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"In the pits..."

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by FormerUser1, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Anyone know where the expression "pits" comes from?
    The Germans call them "Box/ Boxen" which is sort of understandable, since the 'pits' really look like a string of (shoe)-box shaped cubicles...
    But "pits"?
    Perhaps it's a leftover from racing in the 1920s/ 30s when race-cars didn't have inbuilt hydraulic/ pneumatic jacks and the "pits" where exactly that, dug-outs for servicing the racers during their often day-long races (over public roads).
    Sorta inspection/ service pits....
    Any better ideas?

  2. :shock: whoah! never thought about it, just like a banana is a long bent yellow fruit, the pits are a place to change your tyres.... ummmmmm..... NFI
  3. good question tho, curious to see if anyone knows :D
  4. My monies on that one!
  5. The old pits in garages are pretty rare these days. Tend to pose an OHS issue with falls into them.
  6. I agree - I reckon it comes from "inspection pit".

    Do I have any proof? None whatsoever! :LOL:
  7. Nah, I think it comes from the satanic 'pits of hell' thing.

    ie, riders/drivers think that mechanics are satans minions and the pits are thier pits of hell..

    or, maybe back in the old days the mechanics boxes would smell strongly like bad smelly 2 day unwashed mechanics armpits? (pits of hell again).

    or, the pits is how a crashed out rider/driver feels as they sit in the garage surrounded by satans minions.
  8. Read somewhere it was from the fact the original pit areas were lower than the track (the dug out theory).
  9. Well, the orchestra pit in a theatre is lower than the stage so that could have some semblance of possibility.
  10. Yes, I find pits are often lower than the surrounding area...
  11. It comes from the one of the early car races, the annual Targa Florio in Italy that started in 1906. The word was first thought to be used in 1908, with the common claim being that the paddocks for this race were lower than the race track and so became known as "the pit"
  12. 'the pits' is how you felt when you had to limp back to the garage after a stack - hence the association. :D
  13. And often the OCCUPANTS of the pits are even lower!!!