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In the name of safety of course

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Just a heads up for those that are on the Westgate Fwy (Geelong fwy) there are a set of new cameras bolted to the overpass at Greeve Parade.

    Heading into work tonight I ran over the strips in the road and thought.....hmmm they looked like a speed trap, looked in the mirror and sure enough there they were, looked at the speedo and yep, 120km/h.

    Now I gotta slow down for every bloody overpass ;)

    Wonder when they will be commisioned :?: :?: :?:

  2. Wonder when some liberal pollies will get the balls to make this revenue raising an issue at the ballot box? :LOL: 8)
  3. Even if they do, Dan, and win, as soon as they have their hands on the levers, as Comrade Paul used to say, they'll find that they 'need' the revenue, and they'll stay..
  4. Yeah the problem lies mainly in the senior public servants and policy makers with their fingers on the button. If the libs win the next election, they need to do some serious cleaning of house, especially at VicRoads, TAC. :evil:
  5. But mate, when the senior bureaucrat in the transport department earns twice the salary of the Minister of Transport, guess who's will is going to prevail?
  6. 'Will' and politicians generally don't go together. :LOL: Most politicians have no clue about ANYTHING. Have a look at police minister Andre Haermeyer as an example. Started off in charge of the cops, didn't have a clue. Who was running the state? The commissioner and cronies - we don't elect them. By the end of his run in the cop job, Andre might have started to have a few good ideas of his own. Now Andre is "Minister for Manufacturing and Export Minister for Small Business Minister for the Financial Services Industry". He probably doesn't know jack about any of those portfolios, the secretaries/executive directors of the various departments, and Andre's own advisors (which we don't elect) basically run the show and steer every decision. They shove something under his nose when they need a signature. He (or probably the premier) has the power to sack them all and start again. But then he gets advice not to do so...

    Honestly, you could put the dead guy off Weekend at Bernies in a portfolio and it would still run like clockwork.

    Change of governments generally cull advisors, and may see a house-clean of senior public servants, but mid-level policy making positions often survive and feed up their crap ideas despite who is in power.
  7. Without a doubt!!!

    Bernie Lomax could run this State better than the cournouto that's there now.
  8. When these cameras were originally proposed they were going to be linked to measure the time you take to get from camera to camera so it wasn't going to help by slowing down as you pass the cameras.

    Speaking of the TAC, with the proposed move of TAC HQ to Geelong how many of them will be done for speeding as they commute down the freeway each day :p