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In the middle of the night, studying

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by tonee, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Its exams period for us uni students so here I am studying/facebooking/eating/youtubing/:jerk:

    Thought I'd drop in a say HI! :biker:

    Good luck to all other biker students!
  2. I'm awake now for last minute cramming before my 9am derm exam :)
  3. good luck to both of you :)
  4. So glad I don't study.
    GL both :)
  5. so glad i've finished studying
    gl :)
  6. I love uni, so much better than working. You couldn't pay me to leave. At some point they'll kick me out though.
  7. yeah some people just wants to stay in uni, but I can't wait to get out
  8. Neither do I

    And yet the exams keep coming...
  9. I loved uni - shame you don't get paid to do it or else I'd still be there.

    Good luck.
  10. More cramming today :facepalm: for 2 exams tomorrow. *sigh*

    1 more semester to go after this yay.
  11. haha ive been studying too, its awesome.

    lol not, kill me now.
  12. I completed my final exam, feels good
  13. yeahhhh im studyin too....so goddamn boring, esp since its sunny outside...any bets the second i come out of my final exam it will be shitty weather to no end
  14. I've now got to mark all your bloody exams. I've found that a dartboard is an excellent time saving device.