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In the market for a midrange naked bike. Triumph street triple alternatives

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bennjamin, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Hullo just to make it easy ill edit the template -

    Im basing this on my initial like for the triumph street triple. Im basically looking for alternatives to it as i like the look.

    Hi guys, I'm in the market for a 600cc naked sports motorcycle and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

    I commute daily and do short distance (5-35kms) rides at times, as well as hitting the twisties on a weekend, and would prefer a naked bike based on or similar to the current street triple.I unlikely will take a pillion but would like the option.

    The budget is $6,000 to $10,000 and I would be buying used - age isn't an issue as long as the bike is in decent nick. I generally do my own maintenance.

    Oh yeah, I'm average height (5'9) and 80kg so would like something that isn't too big.

    Cheers - Ben
  2. what's wrong with the ST? As far as I can see, why look elsewhere when you can get the best?

    But since you asked the sv650 or the old hornet with the strung out engine would be my pick of the bunch. You could also buy a sporty and pull the plastic off. I have a man-crush on the sv and when I choose my next bike whenever that may be, it will be on the options list.
  3. 600 Hornet
    GSR600 (very attractive IMO)
    650 Ninja or Versys
  4. I do like the street. VERY much so . I just dont want to blindly aim at it without checking out alternatives first.
  5. 600 Hornet; I spotted a '98 model on bikesales with 29,000 kms for only $2,995!

    Talking through a tap on my Galaxy S!
  6. In your stated price range it's hard to go past the Kawasaki ER-6 range IMO.
  7. How about the little Fazer? FZ6N. Plenty of it around within your price range on Bikesales.
  8. Take a test ride on some of the alternatives suggested here to confirm your choice of the triumph ;)

    Though it does get hot under the seat.
  9. I can't think of anything that fits better than the Triple, unless you go for one of a couple or so twins like the SV650 or one of the Monsters, which would means less go and less spec in the case of the SV and certain Monsters, but at a much lower spend (with an SV) for a great little engine.

    But the 675 bangs hard eveywhere.

    Pillioning on the Street is a possible minor issue in that it's a bit cosy, but it can be done occasionally.

    I mentioned in the Street Triple thread the other day of one I know of near Melbourne for sale, BTW.

    On the other hand, for your budget, you can look at some pretty serious larger cc (thus some well if not outstandingly overall specced bikes) low km bikes from maybe 2000 models forward on the used market.

    What you can score for waving even 5-7 grand cash around at the moment is incredible.
  10. Z750, GSR600, SV650, Gladius, monster, er6n, h6

    In that capacity I'd go for a twin over a 4. Mid size 4s are pretty boring.
  11. Check out the Aprilia Shiver too. Very nice bike. Feels different to the Street Triple but still very capable. Looks quite special too and the fit+finish is marginaly better. Of the 12 on Bikepoint 5 are under $10000.
  12. [​IMG]





    The Hypermotard 796 is supposed to be priced very similar to the Monster 696, so you could stretch if you fancy it.
  13. Z750 even though its a 750, its kawasaki's competitior to the street triple.
    but the street triple is a good bike

    ps I ride an er6 and don't see it as a competitor to the street triple. its a nice bike but not as sporty
  14. Ben,

    what ever you get, let us know. I'm on restrictions for another 11 months, but I've noticed that the better naked bikes don't come up for sale 2nd hand in the ACT too often. I might have to just grab it if a good one comes up, restrictions or not.

  15. Sydney's not far away you sook. :p
  16. guys how does the speed triple ( in the second hand market) compare to the street triple ? obviously larger engine and bike but similar look. If anything I like the look of it better , hows handling ?
  17. can only speak for the prev gen speed triple ie. 09/10 for 1 day only (courtesy bike when mine was in for service). compared to the street the speed gearbox definately felt clunkier. bigger and heavier bike so it obviosuly didn't handle as well as the street, but power wise it was effortless with plenty of torque. street felt a generation ahead as an overall package, quick, nimble, smooth gearbox. that said, I find it is too refined after almost 10k kms on the r version. great bike as a step up from LAMs. it was easier to ride than any LAMs bike I've ridden without question.

    If you can handle the taller motards, they look like a lot of fun as well.
  18. I agree with the above..

    The street is much more nimble package than the <2010 speed.

    (The main aim of the new 2011 model speedy is to deliver better steering/handling and it appears they have succeeded)

    Gearboxes to me appear to me to have a big variation bike to bike , I have ridden 6 or more speed triples and some of the new ones have a very nice tight gearbox, others feel horrible.
  19. I'm interested in seeing where this ends up too :) I reckon it may be one of those 'come full circle things' where you end up getting what you set out not to get in the first place.
  20. I had the same dilemma https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=120364 - ended up buying a used Street Triple R. It was simply better than all the other bikes for what I wanted (my requirements seemed similar to yours). There's few things more fun on two wheels than a Street Triple.