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In the ACT & gonna be looking at 1st bike this wkend! :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by purrsikat, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    New here, & as the title to this thread states, I'm looking for a bike this weekend. Gonna be looking at a few private sales & also cruising the big wigs to get comparisons.

    There's not really much choice in the ACT for bikes at the mo (well, not moderately priced L bikes at least!). I'm realllly keen to get a bike _now_ because my Ls are going to expire pretty soon & I'd like to get some practice under my belt & progress to Ps before that happens. So fingers crossed for me please. :)

    I'm female, under 60kgs & 5'6" (or 165-166cms), so am looking for a relatively light & small bike. (If you have any pickup lines, keep them to yourself thanks. :p ) I worry about not being able to reach the ground in an emergency (ie. I panic). (edit: i realise that reaching the ground in an emergency won't really help me at all, but it will at least give me a false peace of mind & stop me from panicking more.. heheh)

    The bikes that I'm hoping to look at are Suzuki GN250, Suzuki Across (GSX250) and Honda Spada. I think I'm looking at some ok bikes that will hopefully suit me (not too powerful, even if meeting the L standards). I wanted to spend under $2K but with the ACT market the way it is, looks like I'm looking a bit more upmarket than I was expecting! Ah well.. at least I'm looking, eh?

    I'm keener on a bike that's more a POS than slick & sexy because I don't even know if I like riding yet. Don't even know if I'll like a more upright bike or more agressive position.. Don't know much! But I'm gonna learn, dammit! :LOL: I'm keen to go out for some 'joy rides'.. just some casual cruising with a couple of mates, seems to be the most appealing thing to me (as a current non-rider at least), alongside low fuel consumption.

    Anyhoo, wish me luck.. I'll post back early next week with news. Hopefully, I might even have a bike! Essay over, take it easy. :)
  2. Hiya and welcome!

    Good luck with the bike hunt!

    Look forward to hearing about what you got :grin:

  3. welcome, and don't fforget to get along to one of the coffee meets held weekly at tilleys every monday from 6pm
  4. tilleys lyneham?? :shock: :shock: :shock:
  5. yeah joel don't ask
  6. If you need a hand inspecting/test riding bikes just shoot me a PM, more than happy to help (although I might not be available this weekend).
  7. Thanks for the welcomes & good luck wishes..

    Tilley's is great, don't give it a hard time. :p Get with the times, eh?! :LOL: Once I get a bike, I'd love to come along for a visit. I'll see if my boyfriend wants to come too sometime.. maybe get him keener on getting his own bike. (Cos he'd never fit on something for my smaller stature heheh.)

    Haggismaen, thanks for the offer. I have a mate lined up for this weekend (the champion!), but if I don't find something this weekend, I might take you up on it. (As long as you don't actually tell me '250s blow chunks' to my face, that is.. :wink: )
  8. 250's don't have the power to blow chunks :rofl:
  9. ahhh.. *coughs*

    I wish you all knew me better so that I could launch into my usual dry, tongue in cheek litany of comments... but not yet.. i can't subject you to it yet. :LOL:

    Oh the rain. While I reallly realllly reallllly want there to be more rain, why does it have to come on the weekend that I'm looking at bikes seriously? *cries into hands* :p

    Have a good weekend everyone. Imma down a coupla beers with some mates pronto.
  10. hey the rain is just getting itself out of the way before the weekend, will be glorious (i hope) :LOL:

    most of the folks on here are pretty layed back, so don't think you will offend anyone here haha
  11. Sooo... went around & had a look at bikes with my mate on sat. Really not much out there right now, & I sure as hell don't want to be paying $5K for my first bike when I'm really only after something that'll get me through my Ps & a little onwards after that.. :shock:

    Been thinking about heading up to Syd to look at bikes. I've been checking out some of the online dealerships, for 2nd hand bikes, wondering if it'd be worth my while. Hmm. What are your thoughts, oh wise forumites? :wink: Stay local or try interstate?

    Otherwise, my 2 of my mate's friends (always gotta love the 'friend of a friend' stuff) are possibly/probably selling a ZZR250 and a Spada. I'm keener on a Spada to be honest (eeeee!!! to the zzr; faring & $ & damage, oh my! :p ), but will nonetheless look at them both.

    Pitifully low on L bikes around here.. *sigh* :evil:

    On the upside, I'm super keen on the new(er) shoei flip-up helmet (multitec), have ordered one in my size to try, pronto. Pricey helmet, but I have a PITA shaped head to fit; narrow but long (an oval from the top, basically), & I tend to overheat pretty quickly too which is why i'm looking at a flip-up. Any thoughts on this type of helmet generally?
  12. Go and speak to Hal at TJ's in Braddon, he's got the Nolan flip-up helmets and will be able to answer any questions. He's very honest and will tell you exactly where the extra money on your Shoei is going, eg if it uses different/better compounds or if it's just graphics and a brand name.
  13. Cool thanks for that. Will do, it's good to get alternative opinions. :)

    To be honest, I tried one of the Nolan flipups (not sure which model tho) & it felt horrible on my head. Fit really really badly, the nearest fitting size put heaps of pressure on my forehead (with my oval shaped head, dammit) & it felt plasticy on my skull (does that make sense?). So far the HJCs (flip-up) and Shoeis (fullface) have fit the best & been most comfy. But I'll not discount the Nolans & alternative advice because one helmet felt crappy.
  14. Yeah you might as well try on as many as possible, you never know when you'll find the perfect fit!
  15. I reckon it would be worth a trip up there for sure! There'd be heaps more available than here.
  16. Sooo.. mayyyybe miiiiight have found me a bike. zzr250. Dropped once, but only 'lightly', seems to be in pretty reasonable nick.

    For various reasons the bike's been sitting in the garage & had gone flat (totally legit reason for this, not a ripoff) so it didn't get a test, but I said that I'd be back again once they had her going. They should be ok with me having a pre-purchase check done.. so... yeh! *fingers crossed*

    Otherwise, my mate & I are gonna do a Syd or Illawarra trip. He saw a Triumph (Daytona 650 or something? I can't remember) at a dealership here & almost passed out I think :LOL: but is still keeping an eye out for other bikes he likes.

    I'm all giddy like a school girl. It's ridiculous. :p :cool: :LOL: & I assume that this is only the beginning of what it feels like to be involved in the bike culture. heh. :grin:
  17. hmmm might a suggest if your looking at the 250 option to look at the inline 4's or v-twins, the parrallel twins are lacking something, only benifit in the zzr and the gpx that i see is, that you can put a fresh coat of paint on them and it will look like a brand new one as the shape hasn't changed in a bizzillion years
  18. To be honest, it's the cheapest 'not-sh!t' bike I've seen here in the ACT. I'll probably offload it once I've got my Ps & if I then also know that I like riding motorbikes, I'll get a noicer boike. (I'm also ok with it leaving a little to be desired because I don't want to ever feel 'overbiked' while learning.)

    If the following provides any insight into my thinking; I was going to buy a postie bike til I realised that I'd have a restricted scooter license! :)

    Does this all make sense, or am I talking out my bee-hind?
    (Of course I'd prefer a VTR, but beggars can't be choosers & my Ls are due to expire early Nov.. Ooooh so many constraints & things to think of.. I wish I could do this leisurely, it'd be soooo much more fun!)
  19. thats fair enough, and nk ull your finger out of the pie and get a hussle on, early november :LOL: how much riding have you done in the 2 years you've had your learners, don't mean to ridicule you, but damn :LOL: :p
  20. Maybe we should talk about my VTR250 :).