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In such a hurry...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by stiebs, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Riding down Rathdowne Street this morning, I noticed a scooter in a side street waiting for a break in traffic. Just as I passed, I heard a loud bang which didn't sound right. In my rear view, saw same scooter looking a little lobsided and a just a little bit attached to a car's front fender.

    By the time I had pulled over, parked, helmet off and walked back to the intersection, the driver was out, checking the damage to his front fender, and copping an understandle earful from and obviously upset scooter rider. The driver was obviously in more of a hurry to turn into Rathdowne St, as he'd just pushed the scooter out of the way.

    Fortunately the scooter rider was more shocked and slightly traumatised than physically hurt. But it P*****S me off that once I turned up offering some support to the rider to help her relax to get back on the road again, the driver was back in the car and off down the road quicker than I could even get his number plate. Nice.

    There was no obvious damage (it looks like contact was with the kick stand), and I hope for the rider's sake that closer inspection doesn't highlight any real damage.
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  2. would be a little concerning if it happened to someone on a real motorbike.
    but alas all i can do is laugh.
    because quite frankly, it's pretty fcuking comical seeing a scooter bounce of a car.
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  3. Nah, cant agree with you there MT1.
    I cannot bring myself to nod at or even ride a scooter, but a rider down is a rider down regardless.

    Cyclists however, are a different matter.

    Edit, forgot to say, good on you for stopping stiebs.
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  4. I make a habit of taking pictures (with my phone) when I come upon incidents like this, preferably before any of the drivers notice what I'm doing so they can't block the view of their rego plates or move the vehicles. Some d-bags will try to get away with just about anything.
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  5. Ha ha ha
  6. Heh. Had a 5-series BMW plough in to the back of me two Saturdays ago as I was stationary at a roundabout. The (uninsured, as it turns out) driver said he just didn't look, thought he saw a gap in the traffic to his right and just decided to go. Yes, I was on a scooter. I didn't laugh. Did say f&** a lot though.

    stiebs :applause:
  7. Hey, who am I to judge a person's preference to ride a scooter over a real two wheeler :)

    Personally I don't care if its a motorcyclist, scootererer, cyclist, pedestrian, driver - if someone is hit because of total ignorance or lack of concentration by the offender, they should at least have the common decency to give up 10 minutes of their obviously very important morning to make sure that you are OK and that your vehicle is OK.
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  8. Plus leaving the scene of an accident is an offense.
  9. +1

    There is likely to be at least some cosmetic damage to the scooter.

    Report to police.
  10. What was it that didn't sound right? - The scooter not being crushed under a truck or not exploding into a fireball?
  11. So much scooter hate!!!!
  12. fcuk you stiebs, answer the only relevent question in the thread:

    WAS. SHE. HOT?
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  13. Report it to the police, if you didn't get numberplates, you can report direction of travel and they can pull it up off traffic cams. It's a pathetic act to hit someone and take off. Good on you for stopping mate, we need more like you on the road.
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Even if hot, I'm not sure I could bring myself to be near a scooterer. My missus asked if she could get one, I coldly said if she does then it's over.

    But as other said, good on you for pulling over. I'm sure the girl was grateful. You should have used to the time to explain that if she was on a bike, this would not have happened.
  16. Chicks on scooters are fine, it's the guys who ride them that aren't
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