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In-sewer-ants (Experience 1 year, Full Comp, 250cc)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Roderz, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. My current insurance quote is for $897.97

    I'm 22 years old, had my L's from August 2003, upgraded to P's in February. I have had one single vehicle accident on the bike to which an officer attended, although I haven't gone out of my way to report that to RACV and I didn't claim, although I did claim on my 3rd Party for my car in the last year. The bike is within the 260cc class.

    Am I paying through the nose? Should I look elsewhere? It's due on the 19th, so I've got to decide soon.

    If I can get 3rd Party Fire & Theft that's what I'd prefer, but apparently you can't get that for bikes...
  2. My insurance quote for comprehensive was $2000 with an excess of $1600. I'm 20...
  3. Thats pretty much TTN - however you're getting hit hard for being 22. Although, what VALUE is the bike insured for ?
  4. Sounds like a lot, but it depends on what your bike's worth as well. I've got my 12 y/o CB250 insured with RACV, full comp for about $330, and that's pay by the month (about $270 up front). I'm a newbie on bikes too, got my licence in May, but I'm 35 and a rating 1 with the car. It always pays to shop around though.
  5. Hey Roderz,

    I am 22, and have only bought my first bike last week. I was quoted around $1600 by RACV (my car is with them), $2000 by NRMA and around $1800 by AAMI. I ended up clicking on the link above (Western QBE) and found that my insurance through them was only $380! They use your car rating as your rating, not your bike rating (which I would be a rating 6 as opposed to a 1 in the car).

    The excess for all all of these is similar - your inexperienced rider excess (500), under 25 excess (400) and claim excess (400), so if I did have an accident I would be up for $1300 in excess.

    You have to read the policy statements though. Some places cover alot more than others, such as gear etc, Western QBE does not cover gear or some other things but does do the basics. But hey, for about $1400 a year saving, I am happy to have to buy new gear if anything went wrong.

    The insurance amounts also depend on our type of bike obviously and any previous claims. Find out your rating in your car and contact Western QBE for a quote.

    Good luck!
  6. I'm on about $800 fully comprehensive, pay by the month for a $5600 bike, if that helps. Full license though.
  7. Mine's about the same with RACV same model & yr of bike I'm also full car licence my age, well if I tell you I'll have to kill you! froflmao!
  8. Sounds about right. I was 22 when I reg'd last year. $900. New bike valued at $8500.
  9. my first bike was a zzr250 which cost me $3000 and comprehensive with RACV would have cost $2000 ... i couldnt see the point personally

    I wasnt about to find 3rd party with fire & theft either, so I did 3rd party and an alarm system and a fire extinguisher :p
  10. I'm about the same as Spectre - $330/year with RACV for full comp on a $3800 bike. This is SOLELY an age thing I would suggest, since I have Rating 1 with my car.

    Incidentally, I pay about $660/year for a $12600 car...

    They sure like to rip off the bikes!
  11. I have just bought a ZZR250 and am looking for insurance, how long ago was that quote? And how old were you?
  12. My bike is a ZZR250, brand new. Got insurance with RACV less than 6 months ago. 22, Male, Learner - $900.00.
  13. I've just gone through the process of reinsuring. Going with Western QBE, $226 for the 91 Across. They have taken my car rating 1 and age (36) into account this year whereas last year they wouldn't insure a learner at rating 1. Swann will also do about the same price. Age, experience, your location, cost of bike, risk rating of the particular model (eg. CBRRR) and the phase the moon is in etc. tends to all be factors. Shop around and read the fine print and excess details before signing.