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In search of a quiet comfortable helmet...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cgracer, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Hi, I've been riding for around 4 months, lots of commuting, a few group rides on weekends etc.
    I bought a Shoei XR-1000 having read great reviews and finding it to be what I thought was a very good fit for my head shape, and I always wear earplugs (foam ones at first until I got custom moulded silicone ones).
    However, I have found that the level of wind noise I get from this helmet to be rediculous even at 50kmph, to the point where it is very distracting.
    I also find that I get resonance noises from the bike (Yoshimura exhaust) at anything from 7000rpm onwards.
    I also own a Simpson Diamondback helmet which suffers none of these problems, however it doesn't have the AS 1698 sticker on it (even though it has higher rating + made from better materials than the shoie).
    So basically I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what helmets they have found to be comfortable and quiet for most applications.
    I've compiled a shortlist of lids that I'm considering, and as I like riding so much I'm prepared to pay a bit of a premium if it means I get a REALLY quiet helmet, here is my shortlist:
    • Shark RSR2
      BMW Sport Intergral
      Arai RX7
      Arai Vector

    If anyone can comment on their experiences with any of these of suggest others that I might consider, then please do, I'd appreicate it.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. i have only had a limited experiece with the shark rsr2. This is the helmet i am looking at buying atm. It is comfortable for me. but may not be comfortable for you.
    Its a individual difference, something you will have to try out for yourself.

    As for the road noise, i havnt had the pleasure to take one out on the road yet, but from almost all the reviews i have read and seen, the rsr2 is really quiet.

    See if the shop has a hair dryer or a fan or something that you can test it out in the shop with.
  3. Yeah, I wish they would let people try helmets out, I'd be happy to put a deposit down in a if you break it, you bought it style, I can't see how it would be any different to test riding a bike or a car from the dealership...
    Anyway - I find that I can hum in the Shoei and make my ears ring, whereas I can't with the Simpson (this is with and without earplugs), so thats a bit of a test I guess...
    The other thing I'm doing is comparing the inside of the helmets that I own, the Shoei has no padding where the ears are (which lets sound waves reflect off the inside of the helmet) where the Simpson has padding everywhere.
    The other thing I noticed in the Simpson is that a padded ring runs from the sides of the jaw all the way around the back of the neck, and I think this definitely helps reduce the wind noise and the padding absorbs the vibrations and other noises (I can wind the bike right up in any gear and not be bothered by it)...so these are some of the things I will be using to see if the helmet will be quiet or not...
  4. I have a rsr2 and find it quiet on my bike. no longer bother with ear plugs.

    your problem could be the bike and where your head is in the airstream. my old helmet was OK on my bike but boomed and whistled on my wife's. (haven't ridden hers with the rsr2). is it still noisy if you change head position? you can also try tape and stuff on the edge of the screen to alter the flow. there are commercial things available. forget the name of them.

    edit. these

    edit again. there is something called a whisper kit for your helmet
  5. wear the simpson and try not to get pulled over, thats what i do.
  6. Nolan?

    Try a Nolan.
    I thought my other helmets were quiet until I bought a N84. Ditch the second visor, and it is V Quiet.