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QLD In need of advice! re: speeding

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by .hack, May 6, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    My viewpoint
    I'm having a serious issue with speeding, I'm sure many of you can relate, but for me it just feels wrong (uncomfortable/unsafe/etc) to ride the speed limit. So I basically feel the need to ride quick everywhere.
    Disclaimer: I never said I speed everywhere, I just feel the need to. Also, please don't say it's dangerous, I never ride in a way that I feel out of control/unsafe.

    I'm on my open motorcycle license but I'm still on my car P's so I have to display a P plate when I ride. I ride an unrestricted SV650S with my P plate on it, so I am like a giant cop magnet.

    Where I need advice
    I have just lost all my points and I have to decide whether I want to lose my license for 3 months, or go on 12 months of good behaviour.
    If I take the good behaviour route and get another speeding fine within the 12 months, I lose my license on the spot for 6 months. I feel that riding for 12 months without any fines will be impossible.. but I can't afford to lose my license for 3 months due to work..

    What would you do?
    Is there any loop holes or anything I can do? Like perhaps get a work license during the 3 months suspension?

    Otherwise I'm going to have to buy a scooter or postie bike..
    ..or install a flip plate, tyre spike dispenser and a smoke machine on my current bike (haha joking.. maybe.. :sneaky: )

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  2. or stop speeding... or speed in places you know and are comfortable with... i did the whole 12 months on a single point, mind you, that was pre-bike and i drove like a grandma for a while... my job also depended on it, so it wasnt really a hard choice to make
  3. Might be worth taking the 3 at this point. Must be hitting your wallet pretty hard though: perhaps time to learn to pick your time and place better. I'm (allegedly) no stickler for the speed limit but haven't had a fine for years. Good copdar, knowing where the fixed cameras are, knowing how they think and where they hide - and a bit of luck. But luck alone is likely to mean you end up doing the 6 - so I reckon do the 3.
  4. perhaps you can expand on this a little, because at the moment I'm afraid you are probably not going to come across to most people here how you want to.
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    Thanks man.
    I have an alright copdar too, every new holden/ford etc that I see I slow down to have a peek in the window for the blue sleeve and computer on the dash board. I know where they all hide as well and I've never been hit by a fixed camera.

    I got done at ~10pm on a week night on a long straight road near an industrial estate with no traffic.
    There was a red light probably about ~500m up ahead and there was a car sitting at the lights. Before I reached my braking zone the light went green so I just kept on going. It was a major brainfart, the car at the lights was a new holden and it was probably the first time I didn't bother to check if it was a cop since I had no reason to slow down.
    Turned out to be a cop and they caught up to me a few km's down the road. I was doing prettyfastkm/h but they agreed to hit me for 20 over so I didn't lose my license for 6 on the spot. They were nice cops I guess...

    Bravus, would you take the 3 now and continue riding anyway (like a grandma)? Or take the 3 and get a lift everywhere?

    I mean that.. riding the speed limit just feels.. well..
    You know how when you ride without paying attention to the speed limit, and you just go the speed that feels comfortable for the road you're on? Well that comfortable/correct speed feeling is usually at least 10km's over the limit for me.
    I mean, I feel like whoever decides the speed limits found the perfect speed for every road, and then chopped 15km'h off it to make it "safe" for the general population
  6. Definitely *do not* ride without a license. Some idiot pedestrian steps out in front of you and gets hurt, you have no 3rd party injury insurance, sues you for a few hundred grand and you're f.cked for life financially. Can happen way too easily. If you take the suspension you need to do public transport and lifts. If you don't take the 3, you ride for a grandma like a year.
  7. Take the 3. Pay the fine. Appeal against it when the letter arrives. The ban is designed to create a hardhip for you - that's the point, that's your punishment. BUT if you appeal and can show / prove you really do need your licence for your job the judge at the appeal can reduce your sentence from 3 months down to 1 day if it pans out for you. Even not ban you at all (i think, could be wrong there).

    If you ride on a ban you're in for a world of pain if you're caught. You wont get any future insurance i'm guessing. You wont have insurance during the ban, if you crash and hurt someone you're f*cked, financially ruined.

    That and the cops will have number plate recognition. You'd be scr*wed on your own bike.

    Not that i'd advocate getting a nanna scooter in your bird's name and riding like a nanna for 3 months.
    The risk is all yours.
  8. Before you opt for a 3 month break, consider carefully the implications that a loss of license will have on future insurance costs, job applications etc. Just sayin'.
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    Just realised you're riding on P's......... the appeal process may not be an option for you.
    Have you considered getting legal advice about any appeal and whether it's possible?

    Titus is probably right there. You'll have to declare any ban to insurance for what, another 5 years? Your premium will rocket.
    Maybe the 12 month good behaviour and ride like nanna is the option.
  10. Wait, so if I take the 12 and just wait it out I won't have a record of loss of license? It'll just be like another speeding fine and therefore not effect insurance??
    But if I take the 3 it'll effect insurance since I would have had license suspended?

    Damn I really didn't consider this!

    Thanks for the info man, I appreciate it.
    Riding on a scooter in my birds name for the 3 months is something I could do. (but wouldn't obviously because it's illegal)

    I don't have any insurance at the moment anyway :(
  11. It varies with insurance companies and how they word the question. Many will not take you on at all if you have ever lost your license. Same with some jobs, and lying about can be an offence in certain circumstances.
    You're already in the poo to some extent when they ask about loss of points but it's an order of magnitude greater when you actually get rubbed out.

    I'm not saying 12 months on good behaviour is a great option. You really will have to be nanna for a year if you choose it.
  12. Whichever you choose it might be time to start doing track days with an instructor. That might put whatever it is that you seem to be not able to control on the road into the right place and give you areas of your riding other than speed to focus on.

    My nephew was in a similar situation and took the 12 months and has lasted 5 already.
  13. Alright I think I'm going to take the 12 months option.
    Does anyone know if this will affect the date I can upgrade from car P's to opens?
    since I will be able to get open car license in february next year which is within the good behaviour period. :S

    Also any good suggestions of bikes that are nice to ride and can't go much faster than 120km/h?

    My SV gets to 220+ quite easily (not that I would know) and I just wouldn't be able to last 12 months with it. I really don't want to sell it but it's probably going to sit in my garage collecting dust for the next year :( what a waste of rego as well... arhh what do I do?
  14. Info is at http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Licensing...ence-demerit-points.aspx#gooddrivingbehaviour
    but I don't think it mentions that. Won't really matter since the good behaviour won't stop when you would be eligible for fulls.

    A Postie or a 50-125 cc Scooter. Most LAMS bikes will do over the limit easily.

    Is your Bike an unrestricted SV650SU or a SV650S? Restrict it might be an option.
  15. Thanks for the info, NSSherlock
    My bike is an unrestricted '08 SV650S(ABS). Restricting it would be a greater crime than speeding, I couldn't do it.

    If I got a postie would I still be allowed to ride on the highway? I do a lot of highway km's on the way to/from work
  16. You could but I wouldn't. I suggested a Postie tongue-in-cheek.
    Hwy you will probably need at least a 250 or higher LAMS Bike and you will still be capable of going over.
    You might be less tempted to go over on a LAMS bike but bottom line is that it is you that really needs to change if you want to stay on the road.
    Get your attention off speed and focus on how you ride.
  17. Yeah, have to admit when I advised taking the 3 I hadn't thought of the insurance implications.

    Taking the 12 of granniness looks like the go.

    With respect, it's your right hand that needs the adjustment, not what you're riding. Pretty much anything at all you ride can get you booked - and you probably do more in 60 and 80 zones than 100/110 anyway.

    In the end, just gotta learn control. Simple but not easy...

    Oh, and on this:
    Yeah, you do, if your bike is resgistered. You have 3rd party personal injury insurance that is compulsory with your rego. That covers you if you injure someone.

    You should really also get 3rd party property insurance, even if you can't afford comprehensive: same scenario as I laid out before but it's a Merc pulling out in front of you and suddenly you're up for 30 grand in repairs or 100 for a write-off.

    Anyway, you've got it all to do... and even if it sounds a bit like it, I'm not preaching from any kind of pulpit: a few years ago I was down to a couple of points. Wound my head in a bit and am much more secure in my licensed status these days, though I suspect still not 12 points worth.
  18. My attention is practically completely devoted to how I ride, which is why I end up speeding a lot. Usually because I don't look at speed signs or my speedo, I just ride at a comfortable speed for the road.

    I suppose I'll reconsider a different bike

    Ah awesome I have some insurance. Good to know, I'll look into 3rd party property insurance as well.

    I suppose I need to pay more attention to my right hand, and my speed, but yea.. it'll take some time to get used to constantly checking speed limits/speedo
  19. Can you train your ear to work as a speedo? I usually judge the speed I'm doing by the noise of the engine, but then I ride a 250 with a slightly chavvy exhaust...
  20. I could try learn this but at the moment I can't really since I don't look at the speedo enough to associate a speed with a rev.