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in Fairfield tonight, a silly P plate car drivers actions.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Draqon, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. After buying some KFC in Fairfield about 1/2 an hour ago,
    on the way pass Fairfield station, a little car overtook another in front of her by crossing over a double unbroken marked lane.
    As she went over the lines to overtake, I quickly pressed my car horns since I was at the back of her, then all of a sudden a motorcycle guy had to swerve to his left.
    He immediately honked his horns as he was between a parked car on his left, and this wreckless driver that was on his lane in the opposite direction.

    I have seen too many law breaking car drivers that it makes me blood boil.

    I dont have a motorcycle, and I have only got my L's since November last year.
    Just trying to save money to buy some gear, and a bike.

    Anyways... I hope one day I am able to learn to ride without worrying about other cars.

  2. Not going to happen.

    You are always concerned about the other vehicles and you have to be.

    That having been said, you don't have to be scared of them. You can ride in a way that will keep you out of trouble.

    The rider in the OP was doing nothing wrong... However, had they been more aware of that far lane, they could either have been further up or behind the crazy p-plater that swerved over. A two fiddy can create 20m in either direction (by speeding up or slowing down) in less than a two seconds. Bigger bikes are even faster.
  3. hot avatar!
  4. about 3 weeks ago i was the vehicle being overtaken by the reckless idiot. i couldn't move over so the car tucked right in close. at 110km/h.
    thankfully the rider stayed shiny side up, would have been messy if he lost it
  5. :rolleyes: Ummmm!..... wot the OP gunna think of us when he comes across
    a biker overtaking across double lines:-s

    Admittedly, more often found out in the twisties.....:p
  6. Mate, couldn't help but notice this... I know what it's like to be poor and tortured by not having a bike. Selling mine soon real cheap, PM me if you're interested (1992 suzuki across)
  7. A day and a half and I still can't manage to read the actual post... 8-[
  8. Lawl, that's the first thing I noticed... hah.
  9. But you noticed how no guys had commented until lowercase mentioned it ;) :D

    @Rogues: if the OP is on a bike following, probably nothing. If the OP is in a car coming the other way, probably "oh ****". Admittedly motorcyclists generally know what risks they are taking when they cross double lines and are aware of the situation. In the original post, seems like the car did a pretty typical cager thing.

    That is the look right out of the window and then merge left and hope for the best.
  10. Jesus that's a fantastic avatar. Really just really fantastic...

    what about overtaking? what?

    edit: Dragons profile says he's male...so I think the real topic of this thread is Who's Boobs Are They?
  11. all I saw were boobs.
  12. this thread should be stickied

    like my keyboard
  13. Dragon, only you can solve this mystery!!
  14. Bwahahahahahah

    As I was scrolling down i'm thinking "what is it going to be...."
  15. bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha! f*ucking gold!
  16. Thread title reminded me of something that happened to me a week ago.

    Was my girlfriend home about this time on Anzac day, I'm still on my greens with the cage until June so I was sticking to 50 km/h as I went along Lyons Road toward Drummoyne. Suddenly this guy in a Mazda 3 zooms up my left hand side in a medium sized gap between parked cars, he made it easily and all was cool. I chuckled to the lady that "I hope he gets caught (by the mobile speed van they often have along there)."

    As I say that the car behind me has come up real close and flashes its high-beams. I thought it must be the other guys mate or something. Until I looked a bit closer and noticed the Holden badge... I moved over to let him pass and sure enough it was a bright green SS Commodore, I could even see the LED lights on either side of the number plate, even though they weren't flashing yet. I start cracking up laughing and girlfriend asks why.

    As she said that the blue and reds came on and her question was answered. Sure enough dude gets pulled over as we putt along past them, still doing 50 km/h. Normally I'd just say he was unlucky and feel kind of bad, but when it's double demerits and you are undertaking people 20-30 km/h over the limit it's your own bloody fault.