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In-Ear Earphones??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by B3NKobe, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Without getting into the debate about listening to music through headphones on the bike im after some good headphones/earphones that can reduce outside noise and have good loud sound.

    I notice that my normal headphones I got with my iRiver MP3 player are hard to hear through when on the bike, especially at 100km, even with volume up at full.

    Im considering some of those in Ear-Buds, such as these:


    Anyone have any reconmendations? Cheers Ben

  2. http:// cgi. ebay. com. au

    i ordered some of these on saturday, 40 bucks including postage, money left my account monday, got em in the mail wednesday. they are fantastic quality, putting a helmet on is a breeze, i could hardly even hear my bike when they were in and there is a volume control about halfway down the cord for when you do need to hear things. i highly recommend them.

    sorry put the spaces in to get around the "You must have 5 posts before you can post URL's/Links" thing
  3. i have a pair of sony noise cancelling headphones. i dont wear them when i ride, as i am a newbie, and every sense at my disposal is useful. but i wear them on the bus and they are useful at blocking a considerable amount of outside (esp engine) noise. they are a bit exy, but they are VERY good earphones.
  4. Try JB Hi-Fi , TDK brand ipod earplugs , cost $20 , work a treat , 3 sizes of cushions for plugs, have no trouble getting helmet on and off with them fitted.
  5. What about for noise & loudness?
  6. Could not get that link to work in any form.

    What brand of earphones are they?

    My wife has JVC Marshmellow earphones. They act as noise suppresants as well. Seems to work OK in the car when she's listening to stuff. She can't hear the car's stereo when I'm listening to it while she has the iPod going.

    JVC Marshmellows
  7. sorry mate. they are sennheiser cx 500. they come with a heap of different sized ear plugs so you can get the best fit. search for them on ebay, they are some of the best personal audio gear going around.
  8. The link works for me mate, the look good, and i goolged some reviews for them and got good positives.

    Are these legit branding on ebay though?
  9. For your convenience - click here.

    But maybe my head is stuffed (try to keep the chorus to a minimum) or my Shoei TZR is padded differently cause I can't get anything like these to sit nicely while I put my helmet on, and if I do finally get them to sit OK then they hurt after only a few minutes :(

    Tried some like these Sennheiser, some Sonys, the iPod standards, and about 4 other different shapes and sizes, but with similar or worse results. :?

    When I am older I might by myself some Earmolds wired for sound, or look at getting some helmet speakers.

  10. Dont use them. it sticks out and yeah it might help with the sound but it hurts like hell wen u try to take it out.

    if any of your friend has sony ericson's earphones. borow it and try to put on the helmet n take it off. and see from there.
  11. the only thing i was hesitant about was the fact that they might be dodgy too, however they came in a fully enclosed pressed package (you know the annoying ones you need scissors to open), with the headphones, carry case, different sized earplugs and a proper looking box with no spelling mistakes (as is on most fake chinese stuff). i tell you if these are fake then they have done a bloody good job of it, because they sound fantastic.
  12. I use these Creative Ep 630 rumoured to be the same as The CX300's dunno whether they are or not but they work well and are half the price.
  13. you can get a pair of cx300s off ebay for under 30 bucks . great pair.

    what are cx500 like compared to 300??

    should i bother upgrading?
  14. Yeah can get them cheaper on Ebay but I needed them in a hurry and didnt have time to frig fart around waiting for postage.

    The CX500's are surposed to have a better sound quility and they have volume control on the wires from earbuds, dont have to dick around turning it up and down on whatever mp3 player you use.
  15. As for loudness, there just the same as any normal earplugs, although for road noise, they do let more noise in than wearing a set of earmold plugs. I just turn the sound up enough that I can still hear what is going on around me whilst riding.
  16. Ebay wins again - I bought a set of phillips noise cancelling earphones for $22 delivered on fleabay yesterday - will let you know what they are like.
    I have a starcom system which I use for longer trips - but for a quick blat up the hills, I use earphones
  17. If you want the premium option and your prepared to spend a little more.

    These are some of the best earphones available. Extremely effective sound isolation.. this is what really makes them louder.. meaning you dont have to turn them up as much.. meaning you are less likely to damage your ears from using them.. all good things.


    they start with the SE110 Sound Isolating Earphones,
    $120 US.. and they are fantastic..

    there are 5 models all the way up to the SE530 Sound Isolating Earphones
    @$500 US..

    they are expensive.. but probably some of the best ear bud style earphones available.

    I have the SE310 Sound Isolating Earphones they are unbelievable.

  18. I went with a pair of Creative's (Around $70), worked out quite well.
    However, if I had some more cash i would go for some Sennheisers.
    My DJ headphones are Sennys, great quality.