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In case you need a new mp3 player

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. My little 128mb cheapo job died a couple of weeks ago, so I just ordered one of these.

    3 days ago they were being cleared at $199, then $189 yesterday, now $169 on the same site. Looks like someone overstocked.

    They're last years model, but you won't find a better value 8gig player. Use it for vids, pics and normal file storage and transfer too.
    Simple drag and drop just like a USB-stick to put stuff on there = no frigging around with stupid gay crappy iTunes.

    Anyways, if any of you are looking for a good value unit, maybe this is useful info for you.

    Everyone else with a new iPod Touch can happily ignore this post and go touch themselves in the corner by the glow of their touch LCD screen...
  2. I've had one of them for about a year now (though it's the 4gb model). The headphones it comes with are complete shite and best placed in the bin immediately and it gets confused trying to read Winamp generated playlists but otherwise it's extremely good.
    The in-built speaker is definitely a nice feature to have, as is having a battery that's not a proprietary design and is readily available and accessible when it eventually dies.
  3. Yeah, I ordered some over-ear hook-style headphones to wear that won't get ripped out of my ears when I put a helmet on :)

    They also specified "rugged cables"... which means they got an extra drop of super-glue at the factory, but still! My helmet's a snug enough fit to need that.
  4. i use an iriver e10. i think its a bit smaller in design, and not as fancy looking as that one, but its alot better than any ipod ive seen. easy to use as it only has 7 buttons. it does require a model specific charger for it, but i picked up a car charger, USB cable, and a power point charger from the US for $15 delivered, and it included the power converter plug. it is only 6 gig compared to this 8gig.
  5. Yeah most of them charge off USB anyway, so I think there's a Motorola charger available for them.
  6. The X20 certainly recharges off of USB and in fact doesn't actually come with a charger. Pretty easy to pick up cheap 240v or 12v car USB chargers these days though.
    Oh and I think the biggest difference between the E10 and X20 is the fact the X20 can play movies. I've found that comes in real useful when stuck on a plane with crappy in-flight entertainment (also handy for watching recordings of the MotoGP at work on Mondays ;)).
  7. I still use my iRiver h340 (although it is a brick, bought it 3 years ago now and it's still going strong after near daily use... wore out a pair of earphones now though ;))
  8. JD, i can play movies on the e10. you need to use the iriver plus 3 programme to convert them.. i dunno why you would bother though, the screen is soo tiny. maybe thats the advantage of the x20. better screen, plus the extra 2 gig.