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In Bed

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Lizzy, May 21, 2006.

  1. In bed sick GRRRRRR

    Totally bored .. Post whored most forums I am a member of.. Watched some youtube stuff... Googled my name... tripped over my slippers, rang my Nanna for some simpathy, cursed all those out riding without me, almost choked on a vicks VapoDrop, spilt my soup down my front.. and now I am totally bored...

    Hmmmm why is it that the internet has everything I could ever want to look up.. yet here I am bored and don't know what to look up....

    I wonder if there is a coffee shop that let's you order online and will deliver

    *My mission* = coffee
  2. let me know how you go with that online coffee.. im most interested in THAT as an idea.

    1) look up p0rn
    2) get an xbox.
  3. PMSL at the Star Wars symphony thing!
    Yeah, Lizzy i reckon you could waste atleast another few hours going through some more of the Google / YouTube videos.
  4. Hey Lizzy I'm sick as buggery as well.

    Try measuring how far you can sneeze a booger, and then trying to break that record.
  5. lmfao :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I have never thought of doing that
  6. Neither did I, until I made it onto the TV from the couch just now.

    The wall is my next target.
  7. errkkk, Loz, can I ask for a refund on the CD for that AWFUL post???
  8. The CD's responsible for all this too. Too much stress culminating in a huge occasion like Thursday and a big come-down. I always seem to fall ill after a flashpoint like that passes.

    The sneezes are getting bigger too; I'd glad-wrap YOUR telly too if I were you Paul...
  9. Looks like everyones coming down with it. :(
    I'm feeling pretty miserable too. My throat is killing me. I was wondering why you can't order pizza online. Someone has to do something about this!
  10. You can order subway but they don't deliver :(

    Lazy sods!!!
  11. I think I feel a protest ride coming on
  12. There is this secret old ancient way to cure boredom.......

    Step 1: Put left thumb into mouth

    Step 2: Put right thumb in anal hole.

    Step 3: If not working insert left thumb into anal hole and right thumb into mouth.

    ......keep interchanging thumbs until boredom is cured.

  13. LMAO
    Good ole Cranny humor... I love it!!!!
  14. That wasn't humour...... that's what they do in Cranny...and don't laugh cause one day the moccie might be on the other foot... :LOL: