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"in bad weather..."

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ktulu, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. ^is the only thing close to an explanation for a seven car pileup on the F3 north of Sydney.

    Article here

    Not speeding, not fatigue, not alcohol... what then?

    I'll bet my left testicle ["Jeremy"] it was a combination of following too closely, not having headlights on in poor conditions, bald tyres and inattention.
    Why no media beatup, eh? Why no crash investigation?
    "Oh, just bad luck in this kind of weather..."

    OK, we've all called bullshit on the focus on speeding before. That's old - but I am going to advise all who are riding in this kind of weather after an extended period of 'dry':

    Filter, for the love of God, FILTER - do not stop behind anything. Stop beside it.

    Let aunty beryl's commodore run up the back of the Toll truck at full speed instead of bravely placing your motorcycle behind it to soften her impact.

  2. Aaaah, but Ktulu, no one died. We all know speed kills, so obviously the only reason no one died last night is because everyone was driving within the speed limit. It's the only explanation that makes sense...

  3. "Speed doesnt kill people; people on speed kill people....." :p
  4. Why is your left nut named after me?
  5. We both (and prolly quite a few on here) Know that its because driver training is Irresponsibly sub-standard. And well it's just too damn hard to fix the system. All this bull shit about speeding makes me so furious i feel like blowing the RTA up.

    Excuse me, i'm going to wail on my punching bag.
  6. well im going to say speed was a factor. when it pisses down hard on the F3, you are lucky to see 50 metres in front of you. do people slow down? of coarse they don't. so they werent driving to the conditions. they were fcuking lucky there wasnt a fatality. im thinking if there was a truck involved there would have been. but yes filter to the front, stupid pricks in sydney still tailgate when its pissing down, and the screaching tyres behind you isnt heard in the wet.


    edit: opps, semi was involved, jesus how no one was killed is beyond me, that poor bastard that got hit by a car after he got out!!!
  7. And how does Jeremy feel about being gambled?
  8. I recon after the first accident the other crashes were due to rubber neckers and inattention from the drivers behind the rubber neckers probably rubber neckers themselves.
  9. Most likely. If I'm going to rubberneck it will be to see if i can lend a hand, which means i'll stop and park in a safe place and head back to then see if any help is needed.
  10. or just idiots who shouldn't be on the road
  11. No excuse for not seeing me today, was in bright fluro yellow jumpsuit and was tapping my back brake furiously when stopped, ready to pounce out of the lane if anyone was coming up too fast.

    But after braving this morning's floods, closed roads and insane traffic..

    I'll be taking the cage to work tonight :)

    Also, +1 for trying your gloves with the exhaust :D
  12. 2km south of the Mooney Mooney Bridge, isn't that near a speed camera? maybe a cager only caught a glimpse of the camera at the last minute in the bad weather and copped someone in the tailend :roll:
  13. just another case of any excuse will do to explain a crash...

    It was raining...
    It was windy
    the sun was to bright
    I have a headace
    I dont care i just made up teh headache
    I dropped my beastie boys cd
    it was at night
    the light of venus was reflected of a weather balloon through a patch of swamp gas, which made me drop my tripple creme mochachino all over my lap. Then i mounted the median strip and hit the parked motorcyclist... it was his fault for being a motorcyclist...

    yep as i said any any excuse will do for cagers...
  14. Truly, sir, 'tis you who is named after my left nut.

    This, of course, is true on technicality: speed must be adjusted for weather - ie. create increased stopping distance between your vehicle and the one in front, but travelling more slowly.

    But also thing like 'drive with your headlights on' would be an enormous help to visibility that I see thousands not bothering to do on the roads today.

    Are they stupid? Do they think it makes no difference?
    No - they just don't know any better, they weren't sat down for the "Ya know, when it rains: it's a lot easier for other cars to see you if your lights are on."

    As Donkey said - our driver training is sub-standard such that these basic, not rules but 'damn good ideas' are not taught to people.

    Jeremy's response is "My life being gambled away on a road safety issue? Now I know how young drivers in NSW feel."

    He's quite the smartarse... I'd hit him if it didn't hurt so bad 4.8 seconds later.
  15. :rofl: Bwaaahahahahah... ain't that the truth...