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(In)appropriate names

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. We all know someone whose name is appropriate to the job they do - e.g. Dentists called Tooth or such like.

    How about inappropriate names - I came across this one today.

    The UK Secretary of State for Transport is the wonderfully named Geoff Hoon. :D

    Anyone know of any others?
  2. Richard William Duncan Pound.

    He was the former VP of the International Olympics Committee.
    If you shorten his first name..join it with the last name...and air it on all news channels reporting on the Olympics...

    Hilarity ensues ;)
  3. Lee Bum Suk (South Korean politician)
    Terrence William Athead (his signature is T W Athead)
  4. That reminds me of this "motivational" picture that's circulated around the internet with a male korean gymnast.

    His name was "Kim Yoo Suk"...poor guy
  5. I knew a Dentist called Dr Fary, he was known far and wide as "The Tooth Fary" :)
  6. I remember once posting a parcel to a Mrs Wendy Anker, no joke.
  7. 3 years ago I had to do some crap for English class and we had to go through newspapers and write about the articles or some crap, and I came across a story about gay rights activists or something along those lines, and there was a main speaker against homosexuality and his last name was Poofe.
  8. I worked with a woman called Irene Wank. She was Asian and signed her email I. Wank until it was pointed out to her what it meant. :D
  9. previous very dodgy gaming minister here in sydney for NSW labor called

    richard face
  10. Primary school teacher's wife Barbara Dwyer.
  11. Bob Brown...
  12. Good friend of mine joined the army... Brett Parts.

    You can imagine his first day of duty... Private Parts report for duty!!!

    It got me thinking of other funny army names but the only good one I could think of was if a navy blokes last name was Stains.... Seaman Stains.
  13. Mate of mine is a major in the army
    Joe Power
    AKA Major Power.
  14. One of my sister's friends at school - her father, a doctor, was called Dr Killer.
  15. Came across this a while ago:

    Attached Files:

  16. Bit of a prickly personality was she?
  17. Girl (Russian) at work;

    Lidia Vargina
  18. My wife tells me she went to high school with a Finnish girl called Inta Coors...
  19. colleague in the states Wei Ding
    colleague here Wayne Kerr (no, really)
    ex colleague in england Michael Hunt
    but best of all the registrar of births where I used to live in England was Mrs D'eath
  20. pity the 'd' in her first name isn't a 'b'! ...