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In Adelaide on Business 20th-29th August

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fabes, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. I am heading to Adelaide for 9 days from the 20th-29th August, are there any good bike shops down there to have a look at or maybe a rent a bike? thinx I have the weekend off.

  2. bills motorcycles in the city and blair athol has a sale on now, but not sure how long it goes for. They have a very good range of everything.
    I suppose it all depends on what bike your into. You might be better off looking online in the yellow pages and find out where the closest one is to where your staying.
    As for bike hire, the only place I know of to hire one is Show and go on brighton road somerton park. I'm sure there would be others.
    hope this helps fabes.
  3. shame you won't be here on the 30th for my gig!

    Yeah as far as I know, Show & Go is the only hire place.

    and they mainly have scooters
  4. Sorry to miss your gig edgelet. fly back to brisvagas only turn around and fly to Canberra the next day.

    Thank heaps guys for the information will look show and go up.

    Will check out hello yellow when i arrive.