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In a world of driverless cars, is there still space for us?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cjvfr, May 12, 2012.

  1. A few USA states have started to grant provisional licenses to driverless cars. The supporters wax lyrical about a world of no accidents. Easy commutes, no traffic jams etc. Just let the car do all the work.


    "Your automated car isn't sitting around getting distracted, making a phone call, looking at something it shouldn't be looking at or simply not keeping track of things,"

    BBC Article

    Sure we are a way from this being commonplace but it got me thinking no-one mentions motorcycles in this dystopian future. Will there still be space for us?

  2. cant find it on youtube,
    but the scene in irobot where will smith gets the MV from the garage sums it up nicely
  3. One bonus.

    I doubt if a computer will ever say -


    Mind you, if it is on a Microsoft platform, we riders might suffer at the hands of a "Blue Screen of Death"

  4. Obviously we're quite some time away from such a thing, but the idea seems relatively realistic I should imagine (as one with little computer/technology knowledge) given that it pales in comparison with some of our achievements, and uses the technology of those many of those same achievements. I suspect it will have to be an on/off mode that works in cities and with mapped roads but not on the farm etc.

    I hope one will still be able to choose to drive. I imagine that will still be the case but will require special training and licensing and...lo and behold! you will have to be found to be actually have aptitude and competence to drive / ride something so dangerous as a vehicle (what a crazy idea!). I see no reason self-automated and user-driven vehicles cannot share the road given also that by then you'll have to drive bloody well or risk lose your license, given that I foresee a time when vehicle computers assess your driving and feed information back to authorities (I know people will cringe at such an idea, but on the positive side imagine that everytime that chronic SMIDSY fool pulls into you and you honk them, somehow an activation occurs in their computer and a video or GPS map of their actions is uploaded to an authority, and police are automatically alerted when the offender reaches a certain number of honks; the police assess the data; and act on it as appropriate - a double edged sword, I know, but I cannot help but notice the potential positives and provided the technology is used to deal with bad driving rather than to ideologically punish certain road users). I can also imagine finding pleasure in switching between computer driven and user driven mode to maintain my stamina and capacity for pleasure. And I suspect that when I'm in user driven mode that the oncoming computer driven car won't come round the corner in my lane. At least, despite being a luddite I'd trust computer technology over the attentiveness of a good proportion of drivers.
  5. Good points Matt, I see it as an even more difficult proposition to make this technology work on bikes. I envisage that some roads will become automatic vehicle only. The high speed trains of vehicles driving bumper to bumper at 130k+ speeds would not be particularly friendly to uncontrolled vehicles on the same road/lane. Bikes may find less an less road options for them.
  6. Good luck to them making it work for bikes. I would love a world where all cars were predictable and would not disobey road rules.... So that I can do it around them all and ride however I want :D
  7. One goldwing please.
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  8. I'd rather share the road with logical, predictable computers than with people.

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  9. The problem with automation, Motor bikes fall over, if no one puts their feet down,

    It has to have minimum of 3 wheels,

    Its not a motor bike, if it has trainer wheels on it, Hahahahahahaha,

    I think its Dubai, that has an electric car system that goes all over the town,

    You get in the car at a car station, punch in where you want to go, and it takes you there,

    Its all underground, You leave your car in the car park,
  10. hmm, and why exactly would a computer want to share it with you the erratic, emotional, illogical, thrill-seeking, bone and flesh human? You do remember that you are 'people' too, right? :D
  11. Never said I didn't want people on the road, just that I don't like to share said road with them! =P

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  12. Google have a driverless car. The rooftop clip is worth seeing.

    Driverless car convoys aren't going to cure congestion though.

    Unless things get like 'Minority report' and cars fly, driverless cars aren't a congestion solution.

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  13. Driverless cars will make congeston worse because people will tolerate commuting further if they dont have to drive.
  14. I am afraid there is no cure for congestion, traffic will always grow to the size of available roads. What they hope is that groups of cars in constant communication with each other and the road traffic management system can travel in large, fast, tight packed groups. They do not need to worry about braking or clearing distances because the system overall knows what is happening the entire length of the road. That will increase traffic density and sustained higher speeds so it should increase route carrying capacity. But where do bikes fit in to that system? I would say they will be banned from certain roads.

    I think what I am trying to say is that in all this ideal of an automatic vehicle world no-one gives any credence to the personal pleasure that many people get from driving and riding. It seems to be portrayed always as a chore.
  15. I disagee, choke points are the issue with congestion. Higher speeds and closer travelling distance will have little impact, and will make it probably worse funneling high amounts of vehicles into the choke points.

    Single track vehicles that have high manouverability to clear choke points is the only solution to congestion.
  16. You are preaching to the converted ;) but as devil's advocate the response would be that the traffic management system knows about the choke points and the volume it can feed in to them. Algorithmic work is being done on traffic light less intersections where traffic travels both ways at once. Play the little video in this article, how would a non auto vehicle deal with that?
  17. Cool sorry i didnt mean to sound argumentative.

    Btw even though its going to make it worse i bet they still do it thinking that it will make it better, humans are like a lobster in a pot slowly getting warmer with the private car
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  18. I really dont care, As I will be dead and buried by the time they come in,
  19. My money says it will be five to six years from this to designing single track vehicle that balances. Add a few years for a properly functioning balanced single track vehicle. It will happen.

    @ cj.

    If things continue as they have been, I do suspect the driverless commuter vehicle will be a motorcycle (or a motorcycle derivative). It might have three wheels like the piaggio, or possibly even four like that yamaha invention, but the profile will be motorcycle based. The dynamics and maneuverability of single track vehicles work so much nicer for high volume traffic than dual track vehicles.
  20. I must admit I hadn't considered self balancing single track vehicles in the mix. Good point Lilley. Something like this C-1 could morph into a self guided vehicle.