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In a corner, do you press on outside peg or inside?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by roadcraftrob, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Inside peg

  2. Outside peg

  3. Outside peg first then inside

  1. Hi guys, I have read a lot lately on the art of motorcycling and of course the topic of cornering is very big. I am reading differing views on the mechanics of the foot during the corner. While in the corner, on the topic of weighting the pegs only, do you maintain pressure on the inside peg (which appears to be natural ) or press on the outside peg (which actually allows more control when done and helps secure the bike and your knee to the tank). Many experts talk different techniques, and I try everything to find which is the most useful. Any insights or thoughts, please feel free to share.

  2. This topic has been done to death several times here, but I can't remember the names of the threads. I don't think any conclusion was reached but it did give a few people the opportunity to show off their scientific knowledge.....
  3. What EXACTLY do you want to achieve by "pressing" on either of the pegs?

    Also how exactly do press on one vs the other while you're significantly leaned over?
  4. TOTW2 says that pressing on the outside peg gives you a good pivot point for applying forward pressure to the inside handlebar. I find pressing the outside foot gives good leverage that allows me to press my outside leg against the outside of the tank, which gives me a nice stable feeling when the bike's cranked over.
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  5. I've heard this topic before and i think it stems from track racers and how they use the outside leg to press against the tank thus pushing down on the outside peg in a turn. Sounds a bit situational and something that you either do or don't as a rider..

    I'm sure there's some magic explanation but cant see what pressing down on a peg would do to your riding experience, not sure if you're expecting to make the bike lean out of a corner by doing this?? (wouldn't that be counter to your action of leaning in?)
  6. Oh good, this again /Sarcasm.
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  7. It's more a biomechanical thing - using the outside peg (for example) as an anchor point for your body while you countersteer with the bars. Pressing on a peg does very little to actually lean the bike.
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  8. Weight on the inside peg can help ensure your weight is to the inside, but its where your weight is that is important. The outside peg doesn't matter unless you're going to do a quick change of direction.
  9. ASSUMING that your intended line through the corner is to maintain a constant radius (e.g. on a road of constant width which is constant radius itself and say a right hand bend, to improve your visibility through the bend you may want to keep your wheels a constant 1 foot from the left hand edge of the road the whole time you are turning until the view opens up as the road straightens) then I find that weighting the outside peg allows me to maintain this constant radius turn = constant distance from my wheels to the edge of the road. If I do not weight the outside peg, then personally I tend to cut the corner. YMMV.

    Also note that I ride to maximum safety, not maximum speed therefore assuming good road surface/no other considerations I will position myself to obtain the maximum view ahead (left side on a right bend, right or centre of road on a left bend) which is NOT a racing line which are intended to allow faster cornering speeds but will not allow you to see as far ahead.
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  10. Thanks for the info all..
    Now i'm gonna have to try this when i'm out & about..
  11. I put my feet under the pegs
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  12. 10 months in and I haven't thought about this. I'm not sure that I should.
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  13. Foot firmly on the inside peg and press into the road for maximum sparking. Replace pegs as necessary.
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  14. Like this!


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  15. I press on the pillion pegs when I'm in a corner. Gives far better leverage
  16. that way I can get my face down
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  17. I press on the pillion legs when I'm in a corner. Gives far better peverage.

    OK, that didn't quite work, but you can see the idea.
  18. Bet that mugg would spark a lot
  19. yeah my braces
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