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Improving pillion comfort - stopping them sliding around.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by robsalvv, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. If you have the readies, the best bet is to find a tribo seat seat cover from fleabay or your local bike shop. My pillion seat has one, but it has lost it's non slip factor.


    Sooooo, rather than buy another... I've done a home made jobbie. The astute will have noticed that my pillion seat is already NOT a standard pillion seat - it's been reupholstered and is by all reports quite cushy... but anyway, I digress.

    You'll need a staple gun (I've got one with 8mm staples), scissors and rubber matting. Clark rubber will see you get sheets of the stuff or for around $5 in the bathroom aisle at bunnings, you can get this:
    Whatever you get, it needs to have some body and thickness to it... I've tried the cheapy shelf liner rubber matting and it's no good.

    Roll out the sheet and cut enough mat to do the job:
    I'm actually keeping the old triboseat cover on the seat for extra extra pillion comfort.

    Then fold the rubber over onto the underside of the seat and staple one end...

    And then trim and staple rubber until you've covered the whole seat. Do your best to keep ripples to a minimum.

    And here's the finished product.


    Yeh yeh, my bike needs a wash... bite me! :grin:
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  2. :LOL:

    I just worked out why you completed this little project... ;)
  3. If my pillion isn't making the seat slippery I'm not doing my job right.
  4. OMG, even the base of the seat is clean!!!!!
  5. ...um... because the seat was slippery? ;) :grin:

    I had that rubber shelf liner stapled in before this little effort - that's why I know it's crap! Best to use the larger thickness.

    Geeth, good point! lol

    Hawklord... I've never cleaned the underseat mate. The undertail of a 9R isn't very open to the environs. True.
  6. Good idea Rob, going to be a bugger if you need to give a lift to someone after a bit of rain. Goining to take a while to dry that seat up. Ohh, wet arse!
  7. I think you're doing things backwards!

    1. Spray your pillion seat (just the pillion seat) with Armor All.

    2. Put cute pillion on pillion seat.

    3. Brake firmly.

    4. Pillion slides forward, boobies first!

    *or alternatively*

    3. Ugly pillion gets on pillion seat

    4. Accelerate quickly

    5. Pillion falls off back.
  8. Just dont put ugly pillions on the back.
  9. I know this is over 5 years old but looking to solve the slippery pillion seat problem.

    After the passing of time would you recommend the Tribo seat still or is your repair better?
  10. Sheepskin - cut to rough size sew on elastic straps 25 - 40 mm width with velcro to join under the seat. 3 is usually enough - the elastic will stretch around whatever bends need to be negotiated in fitting the seat.

    Easily removable. - desirable when it is wet.

    I've tried a few things. This home cooked version of a seat cover is the best I've found. Requires the ability to sew the velcro to the straps and the straps to the sheepskin. One might be able to do it with adhesive - Tarzan's grip or similar - no sewing required.
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  11. Tribo is fine, but the tribo I had didn't cover the whole seat so passengers who sit forward tended to be on the slidy part. My pillion seat has both the tribo and the top additional all over layer. Looks a bit rough these days. I think there are current all over cover tribo type solutions around.
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  12. Tribo seats get my vote (well, actually my wife's). They're particularly good for sportsbikes and nakeds with small pads that typically slope forwards. They made my old Z750's afterthought pillion accommodation into something bearable for a decent distance.

    My current ride has a nice, well padded one-piece seat so it hasn't been so much of an issue.
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  13. From what i have seen they still dont cover the whole seat.

    yeah I have a naked sports so the pillion leans forward and is slippery.

    What to do, What to do, decisions to make.
    Thanks for your input everyone
  14. Probably just as easy to stick some Velcro on pants and seat. o_O lol