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Improving Performance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kiss_the_future, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. I'm looking at tweaking my aprilia RS 125 to get the most out of it. Im firstly looking at dropping the front forks about 1.5cm to improve cornering.

    Does anyone know roughly how much this procedure will cost?

    Now i've been told the bike is un-restricted from standard...and i've heard that an un-restricted standard aprilia RS 125 has a top speed of 180. Now my bike only reaches 150. Is there a problem with the bike?...does it need to be tuned?...or is the bike not actually un-restricted?

  2. How much do you weigh? How much do you tuck in? A 125 is pretty low on torque you really need to tuck in to get to 180...
  3. You can raise the front folks yourself. Notice I wrote raise. Raising the folk tubes through the triple clamps makes the front more planted.

    The consequenses are that the steering becomes quicker, you loose ground clearance and the riding position is more wristy.

    Dropping the tubes through the triple clamps will slow the steering, but will transfer weight to the rear.

    the weight transfer effects some bikes more then others.

    Keep in mind it will effect spring preload and damping rates.
  4. Thanks for the website dan, looks useful...and to stereohead, i tuck in like the pros on tv and i weigh about 68.
  5. Yeah, then you should be getting to that 180... if that is the top speed..
  6. how about for a NSR150 sp?
  7. Factory figures are always pretty generous.

    Add to that they would be on perfect jetting and the best fuel for it.

    And thats even if there isn't any muffler/exhaust differences.