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Improving by the day - what's a car again? (anyone mentor?)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Samhain, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. I read a post her a few nights ago that made a statement about leanring ro drive / ride that was something to the effect of your skill doubling easily in the first little while...

    Well today I was cutting through the city (3 times due to forgetting things!) from St Kilda and in the nice dry and bright conditions (rare for me since I got my bike) I suddenly realised my slow speed meneuvering through traffic as well as my high speed cornering and braking etc has massively improved in the space of 2-3 weeks!

    It also dawned on me at one stage that I had started performing all the basic tasks sub consciously and have progressed to scanning traffic etc well ahead, as I can trust my instinct and reactions to handle the bike without having to focus 95% of my mind space on those tasks.

    And yes, like a good learner I caught myself getting over confident and curbed my enthusiasm - before anyone points that out :p

    I am now wondering how I can better improve my handling to get better performance out of my RVF400 - I have noticed sometimes it's very snappy and sharp, whereas othertimes it's comparitively sluggish (though no slouch) and I have not yet invested any time in working out what i am doing differently - good vs bad? This is generall while accelerating in a straight line even.... I would be pretty sure it has to do with rate of application of throttle, and at what revs I am changing up... that said though, I am never changing what I would consider early (for comfortable economical riding without labouring the engine).

    I find myself really wishing I had a riding buddy who is not a hoon and who would enjoy helping me with the finer points of riding.... hmmm the mentor threads need to be verhauled /renewed I think!

    Anyway, I am curious if 1) There is anyone out there who wouldn;t mind meeting up occasionaly for a bit of a friendly "training run" and 2) if other learners out there are finding the same dramatic rate of improvement as I have described above and what key realisations / techniques have u applied to continue improving rapidly? 3) Any other Honda RVF400 riders here in Melbourne / Kensington area?

    FYI - I have done over 800km since I got my bike on the 23rd July :) - almost all recreationally :)

    EDIT: I just spun down to Draggin in Port Melbourne, tried on some chinos and got back to Collingwood in about 45 mins flat. Loved it the whole time.

    Oh, and now that I am comforable(ish) looking down at my instruments for long enough to read off my taco and speed at the same time, I discovered the beauty of revving each gear out... wow does the bike sit up then! :shock:
  2. a fellow rider once told me... the day u can get on a motorbike and dont feel scared (not the word i wanted, but will do) , is the day u should stop riding.
  3. Wise words - I would certainly agree :)
  4. Samhain,

    I am also finding something of the sort though in my case I'm taking it a little slower than you are. I repeat similar rides several times over until I decide its time to try something new and then I am surprised that moving to something new is as easy as it is.

    I know I am not doing everything right tho and keep analysing my rides and setting goals to work on for the next ride, but I do feel that I expect each ride to be more difficult than it turns out to be.

    How much of this is nervousness before I set out .. dunno .. I just know that that when I'm on the bike and when I get back from each ride I feel great :dance:
  5. In actual fact all my best rides, where I have come away feeling like I have developed as a rider, were on roads that I knew from driving in the car for years, with varied conditions from a few twists to sweapers to straight and narrows... nothing terribly challenging, though having that bit of knowledge about the road lets u focus a bit more on your handling... and it all seems to be making a big difference :)

    I went back through the Yarra Blvd the other day at lunch time and now that I am familiar with the rd, found my handling much improved and cornering much cleaner.... Am waiting for a dryer day ebfore heading down again for another run, pegging it up a notch as u describe above... I think that's a good way to go :)
  6. I'm not close to Kensington, (in Cheltenham) but pm me if you'd like to meet up for a ride on a nice day. I've now got about 6 months/6000k under my belt (mostly commuting a few times a week).

    I find now I'm working on refining my downshifting with braking and slow to medium speed cornering technique (which fits well with the downshifting/braking practice). Getting it all smooth and sounding good as the engine revs nicely on each change is very satisfying.

    I don't get nearly enough "twistys" work as I commute up Beach road and then do a high speed run up Shitty Link to Tullamarine. Waiting for the warmer weather to enjoy more daylight and a bit more "fun" riding.
  7. I'm happy to help out if you wanna work on some tezzniques sometime, I'm not far from your place. Drop me le PM.
  8. Campag - def wouldn't mind catcing up or a ride, though that's a fair way away so woud have to organise it as soon as we know what the weather is doing on any given weekend :)

    Loz - excellent! I understand your nice and close and a respected contributor to boot, so would certainly appreciate any assistance u can lend.... PM on it's way...